The UnforOHGODBEES! 1/13H ~6 hours a week!~

Salutations fellow denizens of the internet. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. The UnforOHGODBEES! (the exclamation point is necessary for the intended effect) is seeking potential friends to join our rascally band of digital dragon slayers, and sing songs around the campfire with us (after we are finished divvying up the scraps of precious purples that rambunctious tyke of a boss was using to pay for his only child's college fund of course).

We raid 6 hours a week; Tuesday and Thursday from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M. Server time. These times, like most things about us, ARE FLEXIBLE, this means that sometimes we start 30 minutes early, start 30 minutes late, end 30 minutes late, etc. This doesn't mean that we're going to drag you kicking and screaming along if you have obligations that conflict with these extensions, and we're not the kind of group that will verbally berate you like an unruly school child for being a few minutes tardy.

We are currently looking for 1 temporary Healer (With a DPS off-spec) and 1 permanent DPS

For Healers, we are seeking:
every class but Paladins and Druids, (please have a reasonable DPS set, we expect your set to be something functional and raid ready.) Also, please note that we are only looking to fill this hybrid position for 2 months while one of our core players is out of town. The DPS spot, however, is permanent. More information can be provided to interested parties.

Our group has a bit of history, and most of our players have been playing together for many a year. We are almost always on mumble at night, and we like to engage in casual Seinfeldian dialogue; mocking one another's failures, successes, and taste, oftentimes whilst playing video games (not necessarily World of Warcraft). Needless to say, if you cannot endure a casual ribbing, if you cannot accept that you may have a flaw present that we will brutally and swiftly attack, then you will not survive among us. If you can bite back, if you have skin hardened by years of parental abuse and a horrible, miserable, cynical, nihilistic existence, then you will fit right in!

As a group, we pride ourselves on our ability and progress relative to the amount of time we spend on content; our players often rank on World of Logs, and our players try to stay up to date with all the newest theory crafting shenanigans. Our group may goof off, we may crack wise, we may snark, and deliver awful punny zingers, but when we step up to bat, you can be damn sure we're Barry Bondsing that $%^- (for the metaphorically challenged that means we mean business when it comes time to break loot pinatas). This means that if you want to join, we expect that you will not fail at basic class knowledge or raid mechanics. We will not crush your hopes and dreams if you manage to screw up once or twice, but we will drop you like Fatman and Little Boy if you consistently fail to perform to a decent standard. We are patient, but your chosen deity help you if you wipe us multiple times because your lack of peripheral version caused you to interpret the warming orange glow dancing around your character's feet as a damage boost.

We are relatively flexible, and we know that real life often feels like inflicting eraser sized burn marks on your arm with a cigarette made of aborted fetuses and broken dreams. It is because of this that we understand that you may need to miss a raid every once in a while. This flexibility does not mean we are gullible knuckle draggers who will buy your bull$%^- every week; it means that we won't jump down your throat and try to sodomize your digestive tract if you have to drive your intoxicated cousin Danny to the hospital because he tried to impregnate an angry cage fighter.

If you feel like we're right for you, if you feel like we're the ones, we're here for you baby. Please whisper Rend, Thoth, Dacowman, Kinch, or Andyandy for more information should you wish to inquire as to the details of your prospective trial period.
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