Holy Paly PvP Help!

I have a few questions for Healing in PvP. First off is it worth casting Holy Light now? I just can't find myself casting it over Divine Light. Also is it worth refreshing Eternal Flame on the same Target over and over? Sometimes I find myself constantly at 3 Holy Power so is it worth spamming my target with it? Last Question would have to be is it worth spamming FoL for Holy Power? I am currently running all Spirit off-sets and have spirit reforged on every piece of gearing but I still don't want to drain my mana to hard. Thanks for the Help!
(1) I use holy light when the target is taking only minimal damage. In cases of heavy damage flash of light with the associated glyph is great. I hardly ever use divine light because of the long cast time.

(2) Eternal flame is a great talent to use and should be used frequently however to use it on the same target may not be the best approach especially if your healing a group. If you are defending with one person then yes refresh eternal flame however for groups I tend to use light of dawn.

(3) When I heal in bgs my major source of holy power generation of holy shock. Flash of light is a great ability but it consumes a lot of mana. Spamming flash of light isn't a good idea because you will be out of mana in a short amount of time. Better to use holy shock as your source of holy power and only use flash of light when needed.
Hi, I saw you last nite in a bg:) We was being friends. Holy shock, and remember its a random BG so use your CDS :P

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