5.3: Mistweaver PVE guide. now with 5.4 PTR


There have been a lot of mistweaving questions in the last week, so I figured I'd give it a shot writing a guide. This is primarily a raid PVE guide, NOT PVP.

First and foremost, this is a mistweaving guide. I will lightly cover fistweaving and what is left of zealweaving, but for more information on that subject, see Reglitch's beautifully written guide and subsequent discussion at - http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1305950-Fistweaving-101-Hit-Boss-gt-Receive-Healing

So, with that out of the way, I'll start by going through our various spells. I would going through 5.3 changes but it's late in the patch so I feel that point is moot right now.

5.4 Notes: No major changes, so onto set bonuses.

Right now our 2pc, which gives an absorb of 25% of our mastery balls heal, is actually in a good place heal wise (1-2% of our total healing). It is inline with outher 2pcs. However, that still doesn't detract from the fact that giving us a random absorb is a pretty weak way to boost our mastery.

4pc: I believe it is currently at a 3%, previously 20% to proc a chi wave, healing 45k, EVERY time Renewing mist heals. At 20% it was overpowered, pulling roughly 35% of our healing. However, at 3% it is pretty gimped. I'd like to see an increase to 6-8% or an increase back to 20% and a nerf on the amount healed.

Discs need to be nerfed. That is all.

5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 -
  • Note: monks are primarily considered melee, even mistweavers, which means we either do not get hit by attacks that target ranged and healing specs or we will get hit last with certain attacks. Use this to your advantage.

    Mana using healing
    I will delve into the “true” healing spells and then the “damage healing” spells.
    All mana costs are based on BASE mana, if you have ascension these will still cost the same. All healing numbers are based off if you are in current TOT gear. Your numbers may be slightly lower, if they are higher, I doubt you need this guide.
  • Renewing Mist
  • This is our bread and butter hot, that costs about 17500 mana at 90 and generates 1 chi. It will bounce to two other targets and has a duration of 18s, allowing us to spread it to at least 9 people at any given time. This heals in conjunction with uplift. This spell SHOULD be used on CD.
  • Soothing Mist
  • A channeled spell that will cost 1% of mana and heals for about 9k a tick over 8 seconds. Blizzard has smoothed out the chi generation of this spell, each tick has about a 35% chance to generate 1 chi. Thus, soothing should be used as the primary means for chi generation
  • Surging Mist
  • A roughly 80000 heal for 26400 mana. 1.5s cast. This spell is instant if used while channeling Soothing, and will heal whichever target soothing is currently healing. This is more of a flash heal, huge bang, huge buck. This should not be used regularly, but can be used in very dire situations.
  • Expel Harm
  • This is a small selfheal that costs 7500 mana at 90 and generates 1 chi. 50% of the damage dealt is done as damage to an enemy within 10yards. The healing component of this is fairly nice, it is a mini healthstone (healing anywhere from 10-20% of your health depending on crits) on a 15 second CD, instant cast. Generally, you want to use this on CD. It’s low mana cost and guaranteed chi production make it a great chi generator at all times. So if you can’t predict incoming damage, just use this on CD.
  • Healing Sphere
  • A strange spell. A extremely low mana cost of 6000, for a heal of roughly 70000. Instant cast with a 0.5s CD. You must target and place these spheres and can have 3 active at any one time. Very hard to use if you don’t know where people are standing or moving to. Generally, not used at all except for very oh crap moments on yourself.
  • Jab
  • 24000 mana at level 90. This spell also does damage to the target and generates 1 chi. Requires melee range. Very expensive, but reliable chi generator on the GCD. If used, we get muscle memory, allowing our next BOK or TP to generate 4% mana. Thus, jab should never be used without the intention of using the muscle memory proc. MM procs do not stack.
  • Spinning Crane Kick
  • 21450 mana at 90 for a channeled heal/damage spell. Channel starts at 2.2s but decreases with haste levels. Has 3 ticks of healing that do roughly 7000healing to each person in an 8 yard radius. Fairly good for very clumped situations, especially because it generates 1 chi if 3+ people are healed. In tight AOE situations you can SCK SCK uplift etc.

    Chi using spells
  • Uplift
  • 2 chi cost. Heals every single target with REM for about 30-40k non crit. This is easily your main chi healing spell, and should be used as often as possible during heavy AOE situations. If you can’t manage REM on CD, this spell will greatly diminish in effectiveness.
  • Enveloping Mist
  • 3 chi cost. 2 seconds cast unless cast during soothing mist, in which case it is instant. This is a very, very big HOT that heals for roughly 150000 over 6 seconds, scaling with haste. It also increasing healing received by soothing mist by 30% while active. Use this on tanks, low players, etc if only one or two people need healing. Never try to hard cast this.
  • Tiger Palm
  • 1 chi cost. If used in conjunction with muscle memory, will return 4% mana. This deals damage based on attack power, must be in melee range. Less damage than BOK but less chi cost, so more easily spammable when using jab. Causes Tiger Power, allowing our attacks to ignore 30% of the enemies armor.
  • Blackout Kick
  • 2 chi cost. Damages the main target and up to 4 additional nearby targets. Causes serpent’s zeal, which causes 25% of your auto attack damage to heal nearby targets. This effect is triggered by both you and your statue, so essentially a 10k white hit will cause you to heal for 2500 and your statue to heal for 2500.
    Cooldown dance time!
    I will not be listing all the CDs etc, that we have, just the ones that are used almost every fight. I’ve already explained muscle memory.

  • Revival
  • All I have to say to this is sweet baby jesus. A roughly 220000 instant cast, 100yard range heal that costs just 23100 mana . It is not affected by LOS and will also dispel all magical, poison and disease effects on everyone in the raid. This has a 3minute CD. This is the big raid CD, use it in times of heavy AOE damage and make sure everyone gets the most out of the heal. The targets cap at 15 for 25man so everyone will get slightly less than the full 220k heal. This is also great for things like the 2nd door on Horridon, when everyone will probably have multiple stacks of a poison debuff.
  • Life Cocoon
  • A ~400kish absorb for 14900 mana and a 2minute CD. All HOT effects applied while this is active increase by 50%. This isn’t necessarily a tank CD, it can be used on anyone. I have used it many times to clean up any frost on the ground during megaera.
  • Mana Tea
  • 0 mana, glyphed has a 10s CD. For every 4 chi we use, we gain a stack of mana tea and have a chance equal to our crit chance (spell crit) to gain a second stack. Generally, keep this glyphed and drink 2 stacks on CD once you have a comfortable amount of stacks (I start at about 6-8). Every stack consumed will replenish 4% of your mana (so 8% every 10 seconds or 48% of your mana a minute if kept on CD).
  • Diffuse Magic
  • One of the more preferred talents, DM reduces all magic damage taken by 90% for 6s. This lets us cheese a lot of mechanics such as static shock solo soaking on lei shen. Not to mention this bad boy only has a 90s CD.
  • Zen Meditation
  • A channeled version of Diffuse magic that reduces ALL damage taken by 90% and redirects up to 5 spells cast on raid members to you. Channel will break if you get hit with a physical attack. Generally not a raid CD, only good for cheesing things such as static shock. A player must be directly targeted in order for the redirect to trigger.
  • Fortifying Brew
  • Decreases damage taken by 20% and increased health by 20% on a 3minute CD. Lasts 20seconds. A good CD when you need to reduce moderate damage and focus on healing.
  • Thunder Focus Tea
  • 45 second CD, 1 chi cost. Your next uplift will refresh the duration of all the REMS currently out. Great for using about 10S before a known spike in AOE damage. On certain fights this can be used on CD.
  • Nimble Brew
  • Removes stun, root, etc. 2minute CD. It’s rarely used in PVE unless you get frozen by Qon or stunned during leishen.

    Here are what I’ve found to be the most effective talents by tier.
  • Movement
  • If you plan on using chi torpedo, take celerity, otherwise take momentum. You should never need to use tiger’s lust now that nimble brew is baseline.
  • Extra Healing
  • Zen sphere has its niche if you are doing tank healing. If the raid has times of stacking and increased aoe DMG, use the 30s CD chi burst. It is very powerful (almost like a free channel of SCK). Otherwise, take Chi Wave. CW has been known to bounce funky, so try to aim it at someone who can use the healing (or the boss), otherwise it might get wasted.
  • Chi generation
  • If you are having that much difficulty with mana management, take Ascension for the extra 15% mana. Otherwise it’s a toss up. Power strikes leads to more and smoother chi generation (every 20s soothing will auto give you at least 1 chi), and chi brew (4 free chi every 90s) is very good in aoe situations where you end up receiving two free uplifts. This is preference.
  • whatever tier
  • Leg sweep, Charging ox Wave and ROP. 2 stuns and a silence. Almost none of these are ever used during a boss. ROP can be used on horridon adds, and some other small adds can be stunned. Sweep is a close range aoe stun, while wave is a ranged stun.
  • Defense Tier
  • I mentioned Diffuse Magic before, and that will be the one that is used almost always. Healing elixirs heals you for 15% every 18s when you use a tea or brew. For raiding, it’s very subpar. Dampen harm reduces anything that hits you for over 20% hp, and is physical, by half. This is pretty good for some fights such as dark animus if you find yourself with 2 adds.
  • The other what tier
  • Rushing Jade wind has a 2 chi cost and 30s CD, increases SCK healing by 50% for the next 20 seconds. The only use for this is the nests on ji kun. Xuen is a 3minute CD, 45s tiger that does 120% of his damage as eminence healing. Nifty CD if you aren’t stacked up. Chi torpedo replaces roll and also moves farther. Quite a powerful AOE heal if you are stacked up and have celerity. 3 free heals is very nice, especially on such a short CD. Take either xuen or torpedo depending on the fight mechanics.
    There is honestly not much to go over here. Glyph of mana teas is mandatory for raiding, as is enduring healing sphere if you are raiding 25man. The 3rd glyph is yours to choose. Most of them are just QOL glyphs such as removing the slow from SCK or allowing cocoon to be cast while stunned. Most monks take REMs glyph to cover more area (increased 20yd bounces to 40 yards) or if they have the legendary meta, the surging mist glyph (heals the lowest health in raid instead of the current target) is also a decent glyph.
    Stat Priorities and reforging
    **Note – all reforging should be done in tiger stance in order to maximize the haste benefit of serpent stance.
    Intellect > Spirit (to a comfortable point) > Haste (to desired breakpoint) > Crit > mastery.

    Ok, to break this down, most people gearing up will never gem straight intellect.

    Spirit is all dependent on you. Generally, 9-11k Spirit is more than enough for normal and heroic raiding without the legendary meta gem. With the gem, you can run as low as you desire, and there is no realistic reason you should have more than 8k spirit with the gem. It’s worth almost 3k spirit alone.

    Haste: The breakpoints are as follow for REM getting an extra tick, 3145, 6141 and 9158. Try not to gem 320haste if you can to reach these. Also, only go for what your gear allows. Do not try to reach. Getting stuck halfway between breakpoints actually hinders your ability to spread REM as much as possible (REMs duration will decrease). So, with that said, under ILVL 510 you should be able to hit 3145. Above 510 to about 520 you should easily hit 6141. After that, if you so choose to go for 9158, it’s gear dependent and you will probably need to gem some 80int/160haste gems.

    Crit is self explanatory, increase the chance to get a double stack of mana tea and increases our throughput healing. If you are that scared about going for 9158haste, run a crit/int build.

    Mastery is pretty much useless unless you are glyphed for healing sphere and in 25man. Then, and only when you have everything else sorted, you can reforge into mastery. I’ve seen some people run as high as 2-3k mastery with their left over spirit reforges. This should never be a priority. Never gem to get a mastery socket bonus.

    Meta: Revitalizing Primal Diamond/Burning PD/Ember PD
    Blue: Sparkling River’s heart (320 spir,low ilvl)/Purified Imperial Amethyst (80/160spirit)
    Red: Purified Imp amethyst/Brilliant Primordial Ruby (160int)/reckless vermillion onyx (80/160haste)
    Yellow: Misty Wild Jade (160sp/160crit)/Potent Vermill Onyx (80/160crit)/Reckless Vermillion onyx.

    Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription
    Cloak: Superior Intellect
    Chest: Mighty Spirit OR Glorious Stats
    Bracers: Superior Intellect
    Gloves: Greater Haste OR Superior Mastery
    Belt: Living steel belt buckle
    Legs: Greater Pearlescent Spell thread OR the pure dmg one with crit instead of spirit
    Boots: Pandaren’s Step OR greater haste
    Weapon: Jade spirit or Windsong
    OH: Major intellect

    The mistweaver rotation is fairly simplistic and can be broken down into a few main categories.
    First and foremost, you want to keep Renewing Mist on CD in a raid environment. Also, use Expel harm as you need chi.
    Rotation cont'd.

    Apart from keeping REM on CD. Here are the possibilities.

    If you took Chi Wave keep it on CD.

    Fistweaving: See the guide I posted in the intro.
    Zealweaving: A mixed type healing that keeps up the TP and BOK buffs while weaving in REM and other healing spells.

    Single Target Healing:
    Soothing the target and enveloping as needed. If you really need to cast surging, use it, but beware you'll go oom.

    AOE HEaling: This is just a guideline, everyone probably does it differently.
    Generally you want to go into an aoe heavy phase with 4 chi so you can spam uplift 2-4 times (with chi brew) and then either 1) sck twice and uplift, rinse and repeat or 2) Chi torpedo for 3 free heals then continue. If you took chi burst work it into the rotation when it will be most effective.

    If you are aoe healing and not stacked up. Use soothing to generate chi and uplift as needed.

    Before any sharp AOE spike damage, such as rampage or quake stomp or thunderstruck try to Thunder focus tea and refresh your REMs

    I will not be making a BIS gear list because the BIS list is a revovling door depending on where you want to go with your healing. For lower ilevel people, look for gear with spirit nd either haste or crit strike on it.

    For normal and heroic progression, stick to the same principle until you start finding yourself with obscene amounts of spirit. Then you can go for pieces that lack spirit but have haste and crit or haste/mastery. If you want a crit build, make sure your gear can hit 6141 and then go for crit oriented pieces.

    The Legendary Meta Gem and trinkets

    I decided to make this a separate section because of how ridiculous it can be, and the choices for trinkets. Take the Courageous Primal Diamond. This a RPPM trinket and scales with haste. It gives you 4s where your spells cost nothing. This is where my light fistweaving intro comes in.

    There are two things you can do if the gem procs: either start soothing and spamming a glyphed surging (free chi and heals).

    Or do what makes this gem worth nearly 3k spirit on its own. If it procs. Quickly Jab and TP (free 24k jab + a net 12k mana from muscle memory). Jab again (24k) and if you can, cast REM (17k free) or Expel Harm (8k). if you are near full mana, you can REM after and then use the muscle memory proc you should have for a gain of 12k. including MP5, you will get a net return of about 32k mana, all things depending. That's roughly 10% of your mana pool. Not to mention the free healing (Up to 70k worth) you just got with jab and REM.

    Other trinkets that should be used: Our BIS trinket is Horridon's last gasp. If you have this and the LMG and you dont go for the 9.1k haste breakpoint, I don't even know.

    Right now, Lei shen's chalice is probably our second best trinket with the changes in its rppm rate. Other possibilities include the soothing talisman from SPA valor, or heroic spirits of the sun from tsulong, or the heroic will trinket. 2/2 relic of chi ji is also very good, and roughly on par with heroic inscribed bag of hydra crud. The bag is probably our worst trinket.
    Comments? Questions? This will be a dynamically updated guide.

    If anything seems confusing tell me so I can fix it and make it more fluid. I threw this together fairly fast.

    Also of note, mistweaver healing is based primarily around the anticipation of damage. Our big spells, minus surging, are all chi related, and in order to use them for any type of burst healing, we must have chi pooled. In uplifts case, we must also anticipate getting as many REMS out as possible. Our mana cost spells are generally not that strong or take a long time to ramp healing (channeling soothing).

    REM and Uplift should account for 50% of your healing on almost, if not every single fight.
    Wait, revival caps?! What kind of BS is that?
    Wait, revival caps?! What kind of BS is that?

    not sure if serious, but the change went in in 5.3 I think. It used to be a cap of 6. I believe 6 is the cap for 10man.
    I think Nimble Brew has a 2 min cooldown on it, pretty much a 2nd pvp trinket.

    Good guide though. ^^
    I think Nimble Brew has a 2 min cooldown on it, pretty much a 2nd pvp trinket.

    Good guide though. ^^

    You are correct, I'll change that. Honestly I'm a gnome so I have escape artist and it all feels like I always have one up to get rid of any movement impairers.
    06/17/2013 12:53 PMPosted by Donnieyen
    Wait, revival caps?! What kind of BS is that?

    not sure if serious, but the change went in in 5.3 I think. It used to be a cap of 6. I believe 6 is the cap for 10man.

    Well that's just nonsense, what's the point?
    It caps at 15 targets, but still heals all 25. it's just for a diminished amount. still like 170k though.
    It caps at 15 targets, but still heals all 25. it's just for a diminished amount. still like 170k though.

    The tooltip is a bit misleading then.
    Yea it is, but with no LOS issue and revival easily having the farthest range of any raid CD in game currently, I'll take the small hit.
    Bumpity bump
    Great guide; it's very informative.
    TY for the guide. Quick question though. The haste breakpoints (3145, 6141 and 9158)... Are those the numbers I want to reach while in tiger stance or serpent stance? I'm assuming serpent, but just making sure.
    I thought Revival was getting nerf in 5.4?
    this is a crappy guide. your just listing spells and what they do. why would i want to read through all that when it has nothing to do with 5.4. i want to know 5.4 changes. your just repeating 5.3 stuff. honestly this guide sucks horribly.

    read icy-veins .. they are quick and too the point, while this is just a wall of text and horribly formatted and organized. The proper format for this type of information is not in a forum post
    Dude this guide hasn't been updated since july 1st. chill your !@#$. It hasn't been updated because of how horrendous the blues are here with actually getting stuff stickied and me entering a master's program, so I let the guide fall down.

    This guide is not meant to tell people to do push X now, Y here, B here.
    It's meant to explain each spell, strengths and weaknesses and then give a basic outline to rotations so that you can tweak it to your own liking.

    I apologize that you can't figure that out.

    Revival is getting nerfed in 5.4.

    Leymi those are tiger stance numbers.

    And when I actually have time I'll properly update the guide.

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