PVP gear is useless

lol typical. exactly what i said you do non stop you continue. Youre simply upset you never thought of 2 and 4 set procs. Now you know, youll be better instantly.
I hope you were very drunk as you wrote that. If not your English teacher needs to be fired.
see i might not have the greatest of english but it is my third language sorry for that. at least you get that point and cant argue the truth of its content. You resort to bullying. Its all you have.
No I pointed out the truth (that tyrannical gear has the same stats as PvE gear + PvP power) and you chose to troll instead of listening to the facts. It has nothing to do with me or you; it's a simple case of that hunter being flat out ignorant when he claimed that a DK had 700K health (in PvP content) because he was wearing PvE gear.

Also you mentioned the PvE 2 & 4 set bonuses, which were entirely irrelevant because they do not add stamina (the 700K health DK was clearly stacking stamina, which has nothing at all to do with whether he is wearing PvP or PvE gear). That's why I said you were simply adding to the ignorance, which is 100% true.
As I stated when 5.3 came out, PVP gear is 100% pointless. Best raid gear wins. Resil built-in, PVP power negated by sheer stats on top raid gear, the game is about raiding for all reasons. FACT!

Hey, people been pining for the good ol' days of vanilla...welcome to the Time Machine!
Ahh i didn't bow at your feet or say hey you must be right so in trolling right? The only troll is you but im glad you realise I proved to you that especially for you the dk 4 set vastly outweighs tyr gear. You are a sad person I can tell as all you do is call names bully and think you are right.
Did you listen to anything I said? The hunter was spouting ignorance & you inserted yourself into the conversation & added yet more ignorance. Sad person? Look in the mirror. Let me recap:

- The hunter insinuated that the DK had 700K health & was unkillable because he was wearing PvE gear
- I explained that the PvE gear is adjusted to a 496 in PvP content (hunter was talking about PvP content) and that tyrannical gear is actually better (because of the added PvP power)
- You inserted yourself into the discussion with your usual trolling & talked about PvE set bonuses, which are entirely irrelevant to the discussion (they do not add any health)
- You continue to troll & make personal attacks & have completely ignored what I have pointed out several times now (because you know I am right)

Youre the most common of players and the fact you aren't open to listening to anyone but you(save for your Oq fanboys) proves that you would rather bully/talk smack then grow.This is why you have put a full stop on your progression in this game, meaning you haven't gone further since 2011 in any type of pvp environment. Listen and you could learn and get over this lul you seem to be in. You are clearly in a rut and relying on forums to get you through but bullying and name calling wont help you, youre still as common a player as 2011 except now you yell a lot.
lol so misguided and wrong. I listen to reason & logic... of which you have none. There are other posters I often disagree with (e.g. Jadei & Esclam) but respect because they back up their opinions with intelligent, rational statements. As for the "rut" I am having more fun than ever & that's what playing a game is all about. I have never cared about ratings or whatever... I play for fun. You on the other hand hide behind a level 1 alt to troll (hi fatirl).

After i looked at your account i know why you choose to troll forums, its end game for you. Do you get that now?
When someone posts on a level 1 alt & resorts to ad hominems it means two things. First they are a troll (level 1 alt) and secondly they can't actually win the debate (and you haven't addressed anything I have said, which is further proof of this).
As I stated when 5.3 came out, PVP gear is 100% pointless. Best raid gear wins. Resil built-in, PVP power negated by sheer stats on top raid gear, the game is about raiding for all reasons. FACT!
In WPvP.
Kicked you sound pretty mad. Why do you get so upset about someones posts?
No. PVE gear is better than 476 gear in bgs. However, if you have 496 gear, it is better than pve gear.

476 pvp gear cant overcome the raw stats offered by the higher end pve gear because the pvp power on it will not compensate for the increased stats.

At 496, the pvp power becomes better for pvp because you have the same stats as pve gear, and pvp power doesnt count towards the item budget, thus you get a bit more bonus damage.
Why the hell are people still kicking this idiotic topic around?

And Kicked you're trying too hard, go home.
Reread some of his posts its utter drivel filled with trash talk

Half of yours are trash talking him. Maybe you guys have more in common than you thought?
06/23/2013 10:59 AMPosted by Kickedyoulol
go play the game and stay off the forums

06/23/2013 10:59 AMPosted by Kickedyoulol
its clear you are only here to incite hatred

Take your own advice please :)

06/23/2013 10:59 AMPosted by Kickedyoulol
You don't work

Actually going to work pretty soon. phew glad you reminded me...I got lost in all your hate for Infest
I hope you can enjoy your life and stop being so arrogant and ignorant

Lol I am neither, but thanks anyway!

A break from the forums if you can handle the separation will serve you well.

Don't try to tell me what I need irl...you know nothing about me, and only trolls bring up irl in the forums

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