<Schrodinger Effect> 5/13H LF Open to all DPS

<Schrodinger Effect>

We are looking for exceptional players for our core 10M group. <Schrodinger Effect> is a competitive, progression raid guild.

That being said, we are a chill guild who enjoys having a good time in guild chat and isn’t afraid to laugh at an inappropriate joke every now and then.

We currently raid 3 nights a week.

:: Main Core CURRENT PROGRESSION :: 3/13H with iron qon Progression "last phase".
Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays - 7:30-12am CT

**The following is desired for the completion of our core 10M raiding group. **

Seeking a dedicated boomkin or Ele shammy that enjoy and want to excl at there class/spec.

In need of a MW or Resto Druid.

Raiders are expected to know their main specialization to the fullest extent, and at least a working knowledge of other specs in your class; this includes knowing the proper stat priorities, glyphs, talents, and best in slot items.

Raiding supplies such as flasks, potions, food as well as gems and enchants are provided by Guild Bank (all members of the guild with Raider ranking and up are expected to contribute to the bank in at least some form throughout the week).

We strive for excellence, and whoever raids with us should as well. People who examine and fix what happened, be it improper cooldown management by tanks or healers, or too many people dying to avoidable things.

Some other expectations:

**We use Vent, so you should have or be willing to download.

You may contact any of our leadership below and have your interview either in-game or through voice chat via vent/mumble (server information provided once the friend request in game has been accepted).

Covial#1313 - Officer
bump need 1 dps and 1 healer
Woah, what are you doing down there!?
hi brolandi

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