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So I haven't played WoW in over a year, but now I'd like to pick it up again. So three days ago I tried to start it up.

I got two screens:

1) a launcher that says its "downloading updated tools." The bar runs the entire way, gets to the end and illuminates the "play" button. I click it.

2) a background downloader opens, and takes OVER 3 DAYS to download all the patches. Finally it says "download complete" and then shuts itself down.

So ... I reopen Wow and it makes me run both the launcher (with its blue bar) and the background downloader with its SUPER HUGE patch over and over and over again. (Though, it only takes about 30 mins or so to run through the patch now). But then the same thing. Shut down. Reopen. Same deal. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Never do I EVEN get to the login screen. Please help!

P.S. I don't have Pandaria - just Cata. Oh, and I'm on a Macbook.
And I've already ran the "repair" function repeatedly.
Hmmm just about off to bed but before I do :

Unzip the LogGoblin with the built in OS X unzipper (right click it and go open with -> archive utility)

Then double click it and after doing some working it should open the Terminal and run itself. Zip file should appear in your home folder (Go menu -> Home in the finder)

Then upload it to somewhere like and copy/paste the link here.

I'll look through the logs when I get up.

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