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Hey guys and girls! I just started playing WoW and I was wondering if anyone wanted to level with me and teach me about WoW! ill start a character on any oceanic sever and ill gladly go any side (ally or horde)
Hi there!

Unless you have chosen a side, you are welcome to come join us in the Alliance!

Im an officer of a Level 25 Social/Levelling guild, and happy to help out with levelling you and teaching the mechanics of the game. Best of all...with 2 person mount I can fly you practically anywhere!

My Battletag is Wolvercake#1765 and you will find me on Dreadmaul.

Stay Classy!
Well hello there id be happy to teach you the game. My btag is wowplayer#6818. if you have any questions just add me.
welcome to wow! wish you have fun!
world of witchcraft! FOR THE HORDE :>
^^^^^ This.

Watch those Ally scum mate, the're not to be trusted. Go HORDE and leave the scrubs behind :P
u r lvl 71 so u are not new
Best bread all day.

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