So we run a dungeon, I was top dps by a landslide, then at the last boss, you roll for the DPS shoulders, and just because of my discontent, you and your buddies kick me from group? It wasn't that big of a deal to me until I was group kicked... I was just slightly twirked about it. But you had to take your douchebaggery to a whole nother level.. !#@$ you
As a tank btw... You were terrible, and could barely hold my agro.
So a warning to this server, Callendor is a ninja and a terrible tank to boot.
oh dear - what guild?
I'm not sure, you can look them up though on the armory.
Oh, it's the From Ashes Rise guild.
Random Heroics are srs business.
So are level 1 alts
And it's still the principle, it wasn't even a heroic but I'm warning the server as to what kind of player they are.
Random dungeons are srs business.
So are level 1 alts
Why you heff to be mad? It only game.

Why you heff to post on an alt? It only forums

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