I Join You Holy Warriors of the light!

So I've been trying out different classes for awhile and was about to quit WoW because I no longer found it appealing. I tried every class and spec except Ret Paladin because of how long and boring leveling one up in vanilla was. Then I finally said "hey,ill just give it a shot" and logged on to my paladin that I haven't logged onto in years.

I have to say...I LOVE IT and I cant wait to level to 90. You have to be absolutely cray not to level a ret paladin to 90!! It's so fun. Now I know why all you paladin lovers love your class :D.

My name is Vrakalin and I am glad to be a warrior of the light!
Same deal with me man. I have a mage,warrior,dk,and a rogue. All at lvl 90. Nothing is more appealing to me then my ret paladin, it's very fun!:DD
Welcome to the fold. Enjoy being able to survive free-falling from orbit!

Also bubblehearthing in front of enemies with classes that can't do jack about it.

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