[H]Shadowscourge 10Man recruiting DPS/Healers

Bleeding Hollow
Shadowscourge is recruiting for Siege of Orgrimmar 10 man. Cleared ToT normal last tier. Currently 13/14 SoO. Looking for some DPS as well as some healers with a DPS offspec.

Shadowscourge is a recently transferred guild from Firetree with raiders and officers that have been with the guild since Vaniila. This gives us a wealth of knowledge and makes us more than a guild; we are a family. We've seen our fellow members graduate from high school/college, get married, and have children. We also have a sister guild on
the Jubei'thos server.

We only raid twice a week, but we do care about progression. Before any of the instance wide nerfs, we cleared all of the first tier raids, including 5 heroic bosses. Have also cleared all of Throne of Thunder on normal.


Our raid times are:
Thursdays: 10pm-12am server
Sundays: 2pm-6pm server

This schedule has been great for us. Our raiders still get to go out during the weekend, and the short day on Thursday lets us take care of early farm bosses and lets Sunday be dedicated to progression.

There is a high need for any sort of healer.

We are currently looking for the Following:

Deathknight: Need DPS DK only
Druid: High need for Druid
Hunter: Low need for Hunters.
Mage: High need for Mages, currently none.
Monk: Need healing Monk only.
Paladin: Full on Paladins. Will make exception for exceptional Rets or ones with healing offspec.
Priest: Full on Priests
Rogue: Low need for Rogue
Shaman: High need for Shaman.
Warlock: Low need for Warlock.
Warrior: High need for Warriors
I don't care too much about gear level or spec as I've always felt the experience and ability
are more important. We take pride in letting people play what they like. We're also open to helping people gear up.

To place an application go to http://shadowscourge.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=45860&TabID=403516.
Make sure to say if you're applying from Bleeding Hollow

I feel that the biggest draw for us is how long we have been playing as a group. For anyone interested, I typed up a little guild history, which will be the next post! The fact that i wrote so much on our guild should show you how much i care for it :)
Here is a little bit of history about "Shadowscourge"

We are a guild that started on the server of "Firetree" since it first became available. I, myself, wasn't around when the guild first started, so there is some history before i joined that im not too clear on, but my knowledge begins with us close to finishing MC in Vanilla. The Vanilla "Shadowscourge" was a guild composed of people from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, and this is true(for the most part) to this day. Not to mention that most of the people from those raids are still with us as well. We ended up finishing BWL, but only saw a couple of bosses in Naxx(but didn't kill)

Anyway, on one fateful day, instead of disbanding a raid we had finished for the night, our Guild Leader ended up disbanding the Guild by accident! It was then that we reformed as the Guild "Shadow," and we would stick with that guild name throughout the rest of our Firetree history.

Our guild would change over the years, but it would still keep going strong. Up until the current expansion, we even had the same GM. Near the end of Vanilla, most of the Aus. members and some of the NZ members split off into their own guild. Even with them leaving, we were still able to have 2 MC farm groups, one with US/Can members, and another with Aus/NZ, and have our joint progression groups.

Once BC rolled around, we kept our raiding momentum. Much like our MC farm groups, We had Kara farm groups as well. I can't remember how many Aus/NZ groups there were, but we did have 2 US/Can groups. While these Kara raids were happening, our joint 25 man raid continued to progress. We never did make it to Sunwell, but we cleared all of the other Burning crusade raids.

"Shadow" got a bit smaller in Wrath, but continued much the same. We still had our joint 25 for most of Wrath, but that all changed during ICC, where we stopped doing our joint 25's, in favor of doing heroic 10 man groups on our respective hemisphere's. Our US/Can heroic 10 man group was able to get the achievement drake from Ulduar and ICC, and cleared heroic ToC. We picked up a couple new people during Wrath, but most of the people in these raids groups were people that raided during Vanilla as well.

Cataclysm was the biggest turning point for the US/Can side progressionwise; it was the first time we would try heroic bosses without the gear advantages. We weren't able to do any heroic modes in the first tier of raids due to taking a bit to long to start raiding, but we did end up with the achievement mounts from Firelands. It was about 2-3 months until MoP hit when we called Dragonsoul quits. Spine of Deathwing was where we ended on that heroic front. Pretty much had the same roster as last expansion. Unforturnatly, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Cata was the last full expansion the NZ/Aus side raiding members would stay with Firetree.

This brings us to the current expansion of Mists of Pandaria. All of these statistics are kills before any of the instance-wide nerfs. We cleared all of the first set of raids, including 5 heroic bosses and we are currently working on Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder. Due to Firetree starting to die, and the fact that most of the oceanic players were already in one of the top guilds, the NZ/Aus side of our guild transferred to the Jubei'thos server, including the GM. Although we are on separate servers now, we are more of a community than anything at this point. As such, the old GM still counts as the overall guildmaster, but I control the Bleeding Hollow division. The overall GM has been the GM since the guild started, and has a wealth of knowledge through experience.

So that is where we stand today. We transferred off of Firetree for much of the same reason as our NZ/Aus brethren. At one point, we had a pool of 13 players for our raids, all veteran raiders, most of which have been around since Vanilla, but when people started to take breaks/quit, we were down to just 10. This led to some weeks where we couldn't raid because someone would have something come up, and Firetree didn't have many other players to choose from. It was when Blizzard came up with the character services deal that we decided that this was a good time to transfer and find some new recruits (this was before the announced they were doing virtual realms.)

Remember, you're joining more than just a guild, you're joining a family; you're joining a group of knowledgeable officers and raiders with plenty of experience.
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Oh god wall of text auto crit!
Changed the need of Warriors to High.
Still need the same classes as listed above.
Above classes still needed.
Changed need for Deathknights to Low.
Changed need for Hunters to Low
Changed the raid times.
Changed the need for priests to low.
Changed the need of Deathknights to high and added that we are looking for an offtank of any class.

Also updated our raid progression to add that we cleared Throne of Thunder.
Currently recruiting for Siege of Orgrimmar
Updated SoO progress and changed that we could use a healer.
Updated classes and we are now 4/12 10 man SoO Normal.
Changed need of Mages to High
Changed need of Warriors to Low.
Updated Progression!

Now 6/14!
Updated Progression to 7/14

Looking for a Resto Druid or Shaman to round out our 10 man.
Now 11/14 in Siege of Orgrimmar, with Blackfuse at 5%

Looking for a Resto shaman or any leather healer to round out our group.

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