Few Questions for the Monk Community :)

Hey guys! :) I'm currently a 518 Brewmaster and formerly a Mistweaver, back in 5.1. After the beating we got in 5.1, I switched to Brewmaster because I didn't like to see my lovely, lovely Mistweavers nerfed like that.

Thus, my question to you fine folks. What's changed for us since that time? Is there anything big and majorly noticeable that's happened?

Also, BONUS QUESTION: What do YOU love about the monk class? What's your favorite aspect? Is there one thing you'd change if you could?
5.2 had a whole host of changes, though some more PvP-oriented than others. Most notably, Fistweaving isn't a super viable playstyle for MW anymore, just in terms of mana cost and healing throughput. It can be used in specific situations, but Mistweavers can't strictly Fistweave and compete with damage being dealt effectively, from what I understand. Windwalker Monks got a slight nerf to RSK's debuff (undone & buffed in Patch 5.3), and a new Mastery, passive Combo Breaker (free TP's and BK's), and a bit of a situational ability: Storm, Earth, and Fire. Brewmasters haven't noticeably changed. All monks have Ring of Peace as a talent option, an AoE silence/disarm; Nimble Brew is new for WW and BM (and Mistweavers now as well, I believe), which gets rid of stun/root/fear effects; and the Tier 3 Talents are modified to be more useable and useful.

I think that's about it? 5.3 and upcoming in .4 don't have a whole lot of impactful changes to my knowledge. I probably missed some stuff, and being relatively new to the class I may have gotten something wrong. You can always check the patch notes to get the full overview =)
Bump! :)
Huh.... >.> Slow night.
I never stopped being a MW. I like that its not "completely" mindless to heal rather than jab-jab-uplift to victory. I like everything about MW Monk. Completely unique healing class and very mobile.
I found the changes to not be bad. It made it more interesting imo. MWs are still really strong healers, especially spread raid healing.

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