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I have had this guild for quite some time now which has had a whole bunch of "me" in it. As of late I have been thinking about recruiting for what I am calling a stepping stone guild.

What this means is it will be a home for you to start off in, to help you level and get geared from instances and heroics so that you may be able to start the LFR and move up from there to a better guild of your choosing when that time comes.

-Help you level: this does not mean spend hours a day with you questing. I will however help you with certain quests that you may not be able to solo alone.

-Heroic Gearing: I play a chain of tanks leaving out only monk because mine sits at 58. So the queue wait will be close to nothing.

-Aside from both the above, I will also provide BASIC - NON - SUPERIOR Enchants, Gem, and Shoulder Enchants.

I have managed to get this guild to level 7 so I do have the Experience Perk. If you would like an invite I can be on one of any many toons, most likely will be on Vìvian

Kadal - Vìvian (1st I is alt+141) - Ziggz - Dantez - Xaj - Azeus
Very neat idea, best of luck to you.

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