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I know we all see that heirachy Hit(3)>ex(3)>Str>Haste>crit>mastery. However, when looking at reforging is there any values we can apply. If I reforge 600 mastery and my option is crit and I get 236 is it really worth it? Is mastery 1/2 as good as crit.

I am just looking for some values to apply to haste, crit and mastery so that I don't end up cutting stats in reforging.
Reforging trades stats 1:1, it never reduces the total amount of stats. You can only reforge 40% of a stat, but the other 60% doesn't go away.

So if you have an item with 600 crit, and you reforge that to haste, it will have 360 crit and 240 haste. So you've traded 240 crit for 240 haste, which is clearly beneficial if haste > crit, no matter the ratio by which it is better.

That said, stat weights in PvP tend to be fuzzy, but at least in PvE none of haste/mastery/crit are particularly bad for Ret; none of them are worth dramatically less point-for-point than the others.

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