In-Game recording not working

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I have a Macbook Pro and i have been using the In-game recording software to record my game play on my MAC. Well i have recorded hours and hours of gameplay and everything was fine until the release of patch 5.3.

I have not been able to record since the release of patch 5.3, the game freezes and then the recording is cancelled and not compressed. I get a message saying the settings are to high for my system but the thing is, i have not changed any settings?

I am trying to record with the same settings i was recording before where i already recorded over 100 hrs of footage and my system hasn't changed either. So why is it when i try to record at the same quality i was recording before its telling me the settings are to high? and even if i lower the settings to a ridiculously low quality i still get the same message?

I even called blizzard for help and the guy i talked to didn't even know that MAC's had this feature? OMG noob.

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