I need some reassuring please (Ret Paladin)

You're looking for reassurance, and it's there. The class doesn't need to be geared too heavily to start really shining. Once you're in mostly Heroic-level gear (463+) we start doing great. The rotations are a bit clunky when first being stepped into, but once you get it down, they're easy and fluid (especially Inquisition timing, sigh@5.4).

You've done the hard part in getting to 90, now just gear up a little and reap some of the best time invested.


Someone actually understands the concept of my OP, and replies in a normal calm adult manner.

Actually ret is still trashy at 505.

It gets interesting at 520+ going from 510-530 will increase your damage by 75%. Chances are you won't be doing heroic modes.

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