[H] Reactor Breach is recruiting.

Area 52
Reactor Breach is a new start for an old Area 52 guild that toed the line between a casual raid environment and successful end game play. We are seeking players that want to establish a guild relationship that will last more than a tier or two and are dedicated to playing their class to the upmost of their ability. By joining our raid groups, you're joining a trusted group of friends who enjoy raiding together, despite whether they've been with us for 3 months or 2 years. All members are treated with respect, dignity, and have an equal voice in our community.

We are not necessarily looking for hardcore, ranking players. We want people that enjoy raiding, come prepared, do their homework, and are just plain hungry to prove they have what it takes to clear the content and still have fun doing it. Our raid dynamic is semi-social, and we are very knowledgeable players that research the game with any free moment we have. Whether you're trying to get into raiding, or just coming back from a break, we can work with you to help you succeed. Again, it should be emphasized we're looking for people who are in it for the long haul and don't mind a couple speedbumps on the way to making a great and socially dynamic raid team.

Many of our core players have been raiding since BC or earlier. We feel the influx of new players has led to a much less personal, accountable, or even moral environment. Despite getting a very late start on ToT after forming up, we're looking to smash through content very quickly, and prepare to move through the Siege of Orgimmar at a reasonable pace. Although the talent is there, you'd be blessed to go to a guild and not find greedy, unreasonable people. This leads us to a very talented 5 man core, which is not a sufficient number. The group mentality is that we would rather enjoy our raiding than hate our lives every time we have to log in, and that's led to some spring cleaning in our team. That's where you come in.

Reactor Breach runs a loot council. As such, all of our raiders take a precedence in receiving gear. There's no bias in our system....if you're low compared to others, you take priority. Many times we have raiders arguing that the other guy deserves a piece more than they do...it's that kind of group. We also assume that all people in our raid have done their homework and come to the table with an equal amount of knowledge to their counterparts, officer or member. This is manifested in discussions between pulls that allow us to analyze issues from many sides instead of the typical "wipe it, let's go again" mentality. This discussion type has led to many creative solutions to roadblocks we have encountered in content.

Like what you've read? Come talk to us. We're very jovial and personable people (except that Vendettå guy) and would love to answer any questions you may have about our group. We are currently looking for two tanks and three DPS, preferred classes and specs are below, though all applications will be considered.

If this seems like exactly the dynamic you've been waiting for....if you're tired of loot ragers or elitists....if you want to become a successful raider in a group of people that you enjoy playing with...We are what you're looking for. Message Vendettå, Loveengine or Squee for more details or apply at our website below.

We also welcome all casual and social players to come and chat, we're a home for the raiders, the PvP'ers, the altoholics and the achievement grinders.


1x Tank - Prot paladin
0x DPS
0x Healers


9PM to 12AM EST
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday







Applications MANDATORY for raiders.
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