help!!! pvp in 5.4!!

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in 5.4 the malevolent gear set will be crafted!
is it worth getting the set now? or save up for the Tyrannical gear and buy them?
so confused just wanna know when 5.4 will be out dose anyone know?

Season 14 Grievous gear is now available. Elite versions of Grievous gear will require a rating of 2000 to purchase.
Season 13 Tyrannical gear can now be purchased with Honor Points.
Season 12 Malevolent gear can now be crafted."

thats on the PTR now ^
You could get full conquest gear before 5.4 comes out.
5.4 is still a long ways off so yes I'd say its worth getting
would you know how long away it is?
would you know how long away it is?

Guess 2 months. Don't let 5.4 change your thought process. Getting your gear is best. You will come out fully geared before it comes.
I'd guess 3 months.
I'd guess 3 months.

This. I would guess about 3 months also.

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