Upgraded Relic vs. Skullrender Medallion

Which is better? I'm thinking Relic because of proc, in spite of the lower raw strength than medallion, but the medallion on-use crit is kind of meh.
save your VP(lol because upgrading is next to nothing now) and try your luck at getting spark or feather this week, then upgrade those. if no luck, id go with relic, Skull seems so meh
Use relic if you have it, even at 476 it's better than skullrender. Skullrender is actually worse for ret than the wok/charioteer, which takes some serious doing. Worse than 463 lessons of the darkmaster.
Assuming you mean Relic of Xuen, yeah, it's significantly better than Skullrender Medallion. Spark, Feather, or the Primordius trinket are better still, but of course they have to actually drop first...
Ah, should clarify that I have both (bought Skullrender after 5.2 because I still wasn't revered with Shado-Pan), but I suppose I'll go with Xuen until Ji-Kun or Spark drop.
DMR:X (that is, Darkmoon Relic: Xuen) upgraded to 2/2 is theoretically still competitive with unupgraded LFR ToT trinks. The low ICD, moderate proc, and native strength are all excellent selling points. I still keep mine in my bags for dailies and Brawler's Guild.
I'm using mine for PvP/PvE purposes. It's especially good in Arenas/BGs.

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