Patch 4.0.3 known issues

Technical Support
All of the following are known issues that we are hope to have corrected in a future patch:
  • Starting more than 1 wow.exe simultaneously will cause the applications to deadlock
    - If you are multi-boxing, do not use a batch file or other method to launch multiple game clients at once

  • Resizing the game client when run in a window can cause bodies of water to not display

  • Using voice chat, recording a voice sample then immediately changing the Microphone setting can cause a crash

Additional known issues:
  • Error 132 when attempting to start the game using WoW.exe

  • There is no way to disable Full Screen Glow via the Video Options menu
    - This is a permanent change
    - You can disable this feature using an in-game console command and restarting the game
    - /console ffxGlow 0

  • Sound effects may be delayed from their actions. A lot of these seem to be from odd configurations. Try the following:
    - If you're using Windows XP, make sure your sound acceleration is set to full under the dxdiag utility.
    - If you're using a Realtek onboard, please update your drivers from
    - If you're using a Creative sound card, please update your drivers from
    - Please make sure you're not using the in-game sound options' Use Hardware checkbox, especially if you're on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
    - Try using a lower number of sound channels in the game's sound options.

  • Some cinematic are not available using the online installer. These will stream to your game folder at a future date.

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