Don't install BC or Wrath if you're at 4.x

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I guess iam done playing wow, i try following your fixes to get the game working, but nothing works . I tired of problems on each upgrade no 1 place to go to down load the game so solong wow.
Yea i know i have one so stressfull wait till end of month check if theres enough memory left then download living in family of six all with laptops
I downloaded Bc/Wrath again after I uninstalled WoW, then I downloaded cata and patched it up, I got INSANE lag spikes that I couldn't play, so I uninstalled it all and did as you said, and Installed only 4.x.x . Will it work with the lag spikes? I assure you my internet connection is not the problem of the lag.
now im really new to this game so i might just not get this, but i bought the battlechest yesterday and i let it download all night i woke up and wanted to play befor i left but when i launch it cataclysim opens up and starts downloading massive files and when there done i can only play on cataclysim servers..that cant be right.. what do i do? i unistalled everything andused the link up there and its doing it so im starting to think i screwd something up or its just normal and i wasted 12 hours-_-

No you did not do anything wrong. Everybody plays the exact same version of the game these days. That is, there is no such thing as a "Burning Crusade version" versus a "Cataclysm version". What we do these days is provide a single game client to install, and then unlock certain features and areas based on which expansions you have purchased.

The reason you had to download so many files was that your game needed to update itself to the latest version of the client. You should also expect to see the "Cataclysm" login screen with Deathwing standing atop Stormwind, even if you do not have Cataclysm on your account.

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i got the disc and i have same problem of it failing at 74% , can i just give you the cd key or the recipt details and it upgrades or can i download a previous installer so i can get my lich king to work because i really want to play and i've waited 2 weeks to get it capped at 70
don't worry i found out you where you see upgrade account you click on cd key and put the cd key there and when you log in it upgrades you're account, thinking about it. if i were a smarter man it would make life easier hahahah
GOOOOD so I will need to download ALL OVER AGAIN AFTER ALMOST 12H DOWNLOADING FOR FREE TRIAL... Im cancelling my account...
I only just started to play again, cause I had to quit a few years ago for various reasons. Yesterday, I installed my old base CD on my new laptop, because I never bought the expansions when I used to play, and it only installed as the starter edition. I went out to get a pre-paid card and activated it this morning. The page after I activated the card told me to install the full game, so I just did. Now I keep getting the launcher error and I've tried various solutions, like running it as an administrator (even though I'm the only one who uses this laptop, therefore, there are no other accounts) and even tried to uninstall the whole folder. I can't even uninstall the folder from my computer, because it just gives me another error. Help?
I used the client and now its telling me i need wrath of the lich king when i have cataclism
08/20/2011 09:39 PMPosted by Bigirish
I used the client and now its telling me i need wrath of the lich king when i have cataclism

Once you successfully log in for the first time that changes.


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ok so i downloaded the old installer from i have a cata account and i am a daily player i play all night i am downloading 4.0.0 for 10gb do i still need to download any BC or WOTLK discs or not?
in the original post from the gm, it says not to download from an old disc if 4.0 has already been downloaded.. and it also says if one did do this that one needs to delete the game folder.. well, im running on windows 7 and i did what it says not to do, and i tried to delete the game folder, but my computer isnt allowing me to do so.. do i need to uninstall the game again and redownload the entire 8 hour patch again?
So what you're saying is that: If I install the game with the patches and with out BC and LK, then I can play as long as my game account is upgraded?

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