Don't install BC or Wrath if you're at 4.x

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i installed the game via your link and it instaled well but now i got the initail window downloading updated tools at 15% and it hasnt moved in 4 hours it only took a few seconds to do your download will this finish?
I tried downloading The wrath of the lich king. I just purchased the game a week ago. It says.....thE FILE 'C:\uSERS\PUBLIC\gAMES\WORLD OF WARCRAFT\DATA\COMMON-2.MPQ" COULD NOT BE FOUND. if THIS PROBLEM PRESISTS,PLEASE CONTACT BLIZZARD TECHNICAL SUPPORT. (OPENaRCHIVES::eXUCUTE) I think if you cant download the game why still sell it? This is bull I just paid 39 dollars for this to happen. I hope cata dosent do this to me. In 2 months Ive dumped some cash in this game and Im not happy with the results of ROTLK.
happened to me also Izymr and I agree but yeah just dont install the game just log on to your account and go into your account then enter the key you get to upgrade it no download needed, I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole game via a link provided in the beginning of this sticky.. and that leads to my issue. I did that and now I cannot find my addons folder as I lost all my addons through deleteing it... <li/>
i just purchased the hard disc copy of BC and i got that same error multiple times at 74% saying they couldnt find the source file or whatever the problem is. and from what im gathering on here is that if i have the latest version of wow 4.0.3 is what my start menu says that i dont actually have to insert the discs into my computer cause the data is already installed or downloaded onto my computer and it was just a matter of me putting my CD Key from BC in my account on Battlenet?
ok, so i was having exactly same problem and i got so freaking confused in all this computer mumble jumble until i called the tech...basically, the easiest explanation for this is...NOW when u buy a CD expansion, whether its BC or Wrath, u pay only for the code that it comes with, u don't actually need those CDs anymore, u just need the code to activate the expansion because what the patch they're talking bout does is automatically upgrades ur game to the latest expansion, whether u have it or not, u just can't use that content until u activate it...

and apparently i activated mine last night, and so i'm trying to install something i already have, which is why mine got stuck at i activated it is a good question, don't remember bc i was drunk lol so my suggestion, if u cant figure out, just call the tech support like i did.
Thank you for the help.
So i have redownload like 8G of patches so i can play again?
found on another forum some install methods

1. if you have cata cd, only use cata cd, then login and patch everything (assuming your account has been upgraded)
2. if you dont yet have cata or dont have cata cd, use classic, then BC, then WOTLK (these are added content rather then modified content so the original game data will be necessary).
3. if you have bc or wotlk disc but DONT have classic disks, you will have to use the digital download from the account page.
4. if your account is upgraded to cata but you dont have cata disk, it will be faster to download off of account page because the classic, bc, and wotlk content will just be deleted due to the content changes.

i advise going through with the CDs regardless of which upgrade you are on (providing you have cata cd OR classic and higher) because the online download takes around 12-18 hours from scratch
im on the launcher of WoW and it says "Downloading Updated tools..." and it is onyl on 15% and hasn't moved at all...
What is the problem? and the patch at the top of the screen says
plz help
The file "C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Data\common-2.MPQ" could not be found. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (OpenArchive::Execute)

So from what I have read, I don't really need to install LK to play a dk when I hit 55? Do I go ahead and try to download the cata CD I bought or is that also located in the streaming downloader patch.
thx for the help but blizz should of made a note about that to warn us because now i have to redownload wow all over again
hey i wonder what would happen if you uninstall the games and reinstall them instead of deleting the wow folder and getting them off
Also even if i reinstall the games dose it keep my status on is my character still alive oh god please give me an answer!?
wat if i brought the Catalysm disc and installed the game but my account is only till TBC content???
I recently got a new computer and I have all the copies. Problem is the wrath of the lich king cds does not work, but I have cataclysm. Can I install ther original and bc then to cataclysm?
So how do I upgrade to BC since I have 4.0? Do I need a patch? If so where do I fid it? I have the BC disc set and can't install, dont know what to do. Please help.
I don't have a disc drive XD. but can someone shed some light on the Updating patch tools problem. Really why is that happening. :'( I can't play wow and my game time is running out!
This is an incredibly annoying inconvenience. Reactivated an old account, and then upgraded, only to find out that.. I have to delete all over again and then jump through hoops again just to start playing. C'est la vie. I do NOT envy mods and Blizzard CS... people have to be pissed about this..
Err, i am not sure how, i need to go about updating my account. I have gotten the B/C expansion, attempted to download it onto my computer, and of course due to what seems to be the latest patch, it gets to just over 70% and insists that there is an error, I have also tried to upgrade it via my account - have i just wasted my money in purchasing this game in store?

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