Jab animation bug?

So trying to level a monk and I noticed that the jab animation seems wrong my character is doing the 1 hand sword auto attack animation and not the quickly reach for the weapon bonk enemy and put the weapon back animation. Whats going on here? is it some pandaren only thing?
This is normal, it happens when you have a weapon as a monk, it does have a tendency to glitch out, as with mine I use fist weapons, and he has a tendency to swipe as if he's using fist weapons. It's bonkers at times.
Ok well will this ever go away? Im about lvl 20 now.
Lol, I don't see why it has stayed. Equip a different weapon and attack with that, see if it does the same thing. Mine's never stuck that long.
After talking with a GM it might be a bug IDK he put it in with QA team or some team I already forgot >.<, Along with some other abilites not using the correct animations.
Get the JAb Glyph.
Get the JAb Glyph.


It's not like we use our weapons for anything other than jabbing.
Glyph messes with stances though currently. :/
I noticed going into a zone, going into a DGN , lvling up just about anything.

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