Best Horde Racials for a Monk?

Which Horde race has the best racials for a Monk?

I'm looking for statistically which Horde racials benefit the Monk the most, preferably determined through calculations, simulations, that kind of thing.
Pandaren for Mistweaver and Orc/Pandaren for Windwalker and Brewmaster. For Mistweavers the pandaren racial that gives double food bonus allows for 300 free int/spirit from your well fed buff. The only other appealing racials by any stretch would be berserking from Trolls, and blood fury from Orcs. Blood fury can be comparable in rare situations where higher burst healing would be required as opposed to the steady benefit from an additional 300 int.

As to BM Orcs and Pandaren are neck and neck. Orcs ever so slightly pull ahead with the additional expertise if you use a fist or axe weapon due to the value of being hard expertise capped as a tank. Blood Fury provides very marginal mitigation bonuses if used as a macro to your guard or expel harm when looking for a little more power in the cd. All around you get steady benefits from Pandaren in stam/agi depending on the food you use.

For Windwalkers its between Orcs and Pandaren again. If used on cd Blood Fury provides ap equivalent to 282 agi, but can be lined up with a Xuen or TeB to provide extra cd stacking. 300 agi from food steadily gives you more than that overall benefit, as well as the crit from agi. It comes down to tiny fractions of a benefit over the two mostly pending on if you can take advantage of the free expertise.
Weren't trolls pulling ahead for most races with the beast damage this tier?
Rising sun kick as tauren makes everyone stop what they are doing to stare in awe, thus making your dps more competitive.
I get 1 Chi every 2 minutes.



My giant meat fists that hit like frozen turkeys.
I get 1 Chi every 2 minutes.



I like Arcane Torrent awarding 1 Chi. An emergen-Chi, if you will.
The aoe silence+interrupt part ain't shabby either.
PvE MW: Panda or Orc

PvP MW: Undead

PvE WW: Orc or Panda

PvP WW: Orc or Undead

(i dont know about BM as i dont play it)
Belf is the best.
I only go Orc because if I was Belf, the rest of the raid would afk and watch me violence things.

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