My PvP damage feels awful as WW lately.

Not sure what it is. Half tyrannical, offensively gemming with Relic. Stacked relic proc + with engi on-use + 10x tigerseye brew + tiger power up and hit a prot warrior with 10 stacks carrying a flag (no shield wall up) for a grand total of 48k crit. Not sure what's up, probably just a bottom of the RNG swing, but it feels awful.

PvE, damage feels fine, but lately in PvP not sure what's going on.
My best guess was his gear might be a bit higher in resil and the fact that he's a tank
If anything my damage feels better in 5.3 than it did in 5.2. Are you stacking heavily into agility instead of power? Are you using double dancing steels on your pvp weps? You're in your pve gear in your profile so I can't tell.

100k RSK crits are very, very common. I frequently see 120+ crits in arena, with the highest being a 148k hit on a resto druid the other day (in arena, no bg garbage buffs/debuffs).

I see fists of fury TICKING for 70k+ a pop. WW scaling is incredible.. if you have dancing steelx2, proc trinket, engi on use, blood fury, and TeB stacks, you're going to poop on something.
I'd say drop the resilience gems on your gear, go fully offensive with Agi/Crit/Power (if necessary). Double up on dancing steel (as they proc together often and the weapon chain is not worth it). And get a second tyrannical weapon ASAP, the extra PvP power is great.

Other than that, make sure you're keeping Tiger Power up and burning through chi as quickly as possible to build Tigerseye stacks.

I absolutely love my monk and my damage in PvP.
Yeah I updated my gear, I'll log out in the new set later. Grabbed my tyrannical off-hand, chest and legs tonight.

My best guess was his gear might be a bit higher in resil and the fact that he's a tank

Taking 150% more damage while I'm doing 40% more means I should hit just a wee bit harder than 48k. Maybe that's just me though.

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