Action Button Lag?

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Ive just installed WoW on my Macbook Pro for the first time, seems when im in game im gettin ~90 FPS on average and the connection sits at 250ms (green for australian players)

the problem im having is that when i connect to new dungeons as im only lvl 36 it sometimes doesn't load at all, and when inside the dungeons when i use skills it doesn't perform and gets stuck.
Have you tried deleting your cache folders at all?

Sometimes odd behaviour can be fixed by deleting the Cache folder inside your WoW folder.
that just sounds like network trouble to instance servers

for one, i'd recommend going into game options, then under "network" or "connection" forget which, disable "optimize network for speed" as that won't play well at all from australia. that setting is really designed for low latency high speed internet connections state side. that may solve your problem.

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