Looking for more to join my livestream! :D

As the title suggests, I'm currently working on getting started on livestreaming a bunch of different aspects of WoW. I have around 5-6 already done to start battleground/Arena games being streamed; but Id really also like to find some people that would like to level those alt's of ours that we keep saying "oh ill level him tomorrow....maybe".

As im clearly not a big name on Twitch or any other suchs sites, dont expect tons of viewers, Im more wanting to get people who'd want to do this as a way to bring people that dont know others together, have some fun and basically bring a small server's population together instead of just sticking to just our guildmates.(Not that everyone does that, but some do) but you know what i mean bring randoms in with randoms and all leave with some new freinds...and who doesnt love meeting new friends to play WoW with! :D

I'll be online good bit tomorrow so if you're interested(even Alliance side as i couple 90s there too, so this wont be just horde only invite) and if your interested please add my battletag: AndyE#1922 and put in the description box "here for the stream or something" so i know to def add you! Will be doing a min-stream tomorrow doing my 3s team rating push from 1550 to 1750+++

No really "must be this to join in" im really just wanting talkitive/funny people to just have a good time chatting with and having fun either pvping or lvling or just straight up goofing around.

Hope to see some adds! :D http://www.twitch.tv/Vals_gaming/

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