LFGuild New to server. Want social/active

Hello all!

Currently, I am doing RAF with my brother and we thought we would get a fresh start on Proudmoore. So we have no characters on this server besides our new ones, no gold, and no home. However! We've both been playing since 2005 so we know a two or thing about WoW and how great guilds are.

We were hoping to find a guild that is 1) social: not just "hey" when someone logs in. Talking about conversations 2) events: obviously we aren't raiding level yet but I like the idea of guild pvp or guild transmog runs. 3) not elitest. So I guess hardcore raiding guilds are out!

Anyways, our requirement is that it be level 25 so that we can get the perks while leveling. I'd be happy to talk to anyone about it. Not really sure where to start! So far this server has been really impressive.
I have a big, active social guild, lots going on. Really big guild though, and quite diverse. If that sounds appealing, whisper anyone in Phoenix Fusion, we'll get you an invite.

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