Best pvp server in Oceanic?

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Are there any good pvp servers in Oceanic? By good I mean is it balanced between both factions? Or is it mainly alliance dominant etc

So far I've heard Kil'Jaeden, Bleeding Hollow and Emerald Dream.. ( I realise they are not oceanic) I want to have world pvp with even amount of people.. Not just one faction dominated server

Greatly appreciate your input! Cheers~ : )
Most have some imbalance. Or if they don't, they aren't high population (however, that may have little impact if you're in CRZ). For info:

Select Oceanic for the specific info.
Barthilas is heavily Horde dominant, Frostmourne is heavily Alliance dominant

get in contact with me if you are interested in Barthilas, I help run a WPvP guild

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