Fury Warrior or MM hunter?

So I got bored with my main - a Ret. I decided to try something new as I've been playing my main for 6 months non-stop.

I'm not looking for FotM or OP classes, but a class which is fun for leveling and offers me a new gameplay compared to Ret pally.

For warrior I wanna reroll Fury, since they DW 2h (Arms would be so similar to my Ret as they both use 2h and plates). I heard ppl said that Fury is trash but I don't really care as long as they are fun. I level an Orc warrior and now at lvl 19, gameplay is fine but kinda slow, since outside the charge I don't find any other mobility...

For hunter, I got a 42 human BM hunter on other faction, which I don't really like it, I love bows, but hate pets. However, reading some posts here and there, ppl saying MMs don't really rely on pets as much as BM, that's a good point if it's true.

Right now I prefer my Orc warrior than making a new Horde hunter since it doesn't need to micromanage a pet. But if MM hunters don't use and micromanage pets so much, I may go with it, since I've my main Ret as a melee/ plates/ 2h weapons which is very similar to a warrior, so trying a range class maybe more fresh to me.

PS: I have full BoAs for both classes so leveling won't be an issue, I'm looking for fun factor and endgames (fun in pvp, pve, solo old contents for mounts/ xmogs).

Thanks everyone and forgive me for my English.
MM is a lot of fun. It just gets overshadowed by bestial wrath. 5.4 MM is going to be extremely strong.
Fury is very, very fun.
bump! :)
Fury Warrior or MM hunter?

I'd pick Holy Priest
If you like hunters but hate relying on your pet then i would suggest to just tough it out (or wait) for a month or two and wait for 5.4 to roll around. When it does, every hunter that plays BM will switch over to MM as it will be the superior spec in Pvp.
Fury is awesome to play as long as you have decent gear :D
leveling wise, stay away from Fury. It's very gear dependant and you won't have the crit rating for reliable rage building. Leveling is either Prot or Arms for warriors currently.

MM is a fun a spec to play although out the leveling expeirence.
MM is a lot of fun. It just gets overshadowed by bestial wrath. 5.4 MM is going to be extremely strong.
This is a common rogue trick. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR IT!

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