Thinking about going Holy.

Hey all! I was thinking about switching over to holy. I was wondering how we do at healing compared to other healing classes. I have a druid that i heal on sometimes and i was wondering if my pally would be able to keep up with those heals. Not sure if i wanna make the switch if it wont pay off. Any pros and cons for holy pallys? This is strictly PVE by the way. And tips would be awesome! Thanks all!
If by Holy you mean going holy priest.

even that's better than Hpal
It's a pretty different game from being a resto druid. Paladins and shaman heal fairly similarly in that you've kind of got one central target, your single-target cast heals that you toss around as needed, your instant-cast heal, and aoe healing that works best when the raid is stacked.

It could work better or worse than your druid depending on your raid comp, your skill, your gear, and how well you like the playstyle.

The biggest con is that a holy paladin's not going to do much without a raid group. No dots, no snares, no stealth, no combat escape short of bubble hearthing, and not a whole lot for fleeing from combat. Probably not an issue most of the time, but you can't just build up a caster set and still fake your way through solo content the way a druid can. (Especially if you roll resto/balance.)

You can, indeed, keep up with the heals. Again, though, it really depends on the situation. Holy paladins and resto druids fill different niches, so your raid comp does kinda matter.

Personally, as someone who isn't raiding this expansion, I've shelved my Holy spec in favor of a Mistweaver. If only because Mistweaver can fend for itself very effectively in solo content, and can also safely DPS when the content isn't challenging enough to require me to stand back and actually be responsible for keeping the tank alive. Seriously, I nearly fell asleep in the last LFD I healed on the paladin. Mistweaver was also a lot more durable than Feral or Balance while leveling.
It is hard to compare the two because as was mentioned both druids and Pallys have different niches they fill. Over all druid and Pally heals wearing similar gear are going to be about even on most fights when Two Healing. One isn't necessarily better than the other since as was mentioned we both do different things better. On stacking fights such as mageara the Pally will have better heals. On fights that require a lot of movement such as tortus the druid will have higher heals.

The reason I highlighted two healing is because the dynamic chances a bit when you add another healer. there is a noticeable drop in pally heals and an increase on druid heals when you add another healer. This doesn't mean that you are healing less then you were when two healing. Druids are hot healers and pallys are cast healers. So they are susceptible to their heals being clipped mid cast by druids. This is especially true if the druid is blanketing the raid with hots before known periods of incoming damage. For whatever reason this becomes really noticeable in three heal fights. And if the third healer happens to be Disc you meters are going to go down even more.

Since I don't play a druid I cannot speak for their utility box but I can say that Pally to bring a lot of useful things to a raid. If specked into Holy Avenger you are going to have a very strong CD that you can use several times in a fight. Many fights are going to require the raid to rotate raid CDs and Devotion Aura can be useful here. Hand of Purity is a go to talent that can prevent a wipe when placed on tanks if expecting damage spikes. And believe it or not I find myself being called by the tanks to Hand of Protection them if their stacks are too high and need to be dropped on certain fights.

Anyway, every time this type of question comes up the best answer is to play the class you have the most fun with. Neither class is broken atm so either one is a viable choice.

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