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Let's be honest, as a community, WoW has some really big whiners in the playerbase. It's without doubt that when the patch notes hit, that the classes with buffs are happily accepting them and reassuring how much they're needed. There's then the classes that get nerfs. Some classes truly deserved them and some classes didn't.
I am no where near an experienced pvp kind of guy - in fact I will say that this guy was Ret PvE a week ago. This is my first arena character and even rbg's, too. I am in a great pvp guild and have mastered my class well in a short amount of time..yet I still have issues to improve on.

Where this leads me to say is that I have noticed two things in my short time in endgame PvP. I hardly... ever... run into another Holy Paladin. In the 115 arenas I have done, it seems that if there's a healer on the opposition, that healer is likely a disc priest and if surprisingly not, it's a resto druid.

Then for dps, I always have to rub my eyes and second glance if my opposition for 3's doesn't consist of a frost mage/hunter or feral druid. Hell, even a lot of locks lately.

I haven't read up on the 5.4 patch notes of most recent, but word is that priests and mages are getting an improvement. Hunters and druids are so so. But this is what gets me. Warlocks cry over their 90 talent change so hard Blizzard listens. Ferals are still going crazy over cyclone change. And here we are with the stupidest lvl 45 tier I have seen.

I don't know what to make out of 5.4's 45 tier, but I do know this;
I don't want to cats judgement, which already is a lackluster, mana wasting dps cast, and have to switch to my healing target every couple of seconds. I don't want EF to be changed much at all, and with it being so now, it may or may not be viable in the next patch. Then of course SS is going to be only a lifesaver like once a match. Talk about really timing it if the bubble seems to only cover 40-50k. 2 min CD?? Great, another CD spell we'll have to time well.

I am no master of Holy Paladins, and please do not be rude in replies to what I ask here, but can we please get an AoE fear that is instant? With all the CC in this game, my hammer is nice and all, but with how many times I have been cyclone spammed, or feared+dominate mind for 10+ seconds at a time... it's ridiculous that a class who relies on having to hardcast a good deal can be so lacking in an AoE cc to that of a fear.

Blinding Light? Yeah, no. Breaks on combat and is usually silenced with it's 2.0 cast.

All in all, I know it seems biased, but 5.4 seems to be more a nerf than a buff for us. We're not the most popular healing class in the game for a reason -- we're not that great. People tend to love fotm and play the heck out of em'. That's how you know what classes are OP atm.

TL;DR -- 5.4 nerf to 45 talent is just wtf
we get buffs in 5.4 its fine
TL;DR -- 5.4 nerf to 45 talent is just wtf

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