my expected DPS

i was wondering... how much dps would (probably) be expected of me in a raid, at my gear level? sims dont always accurately factor in human error, latency and boss mechanics

i havent been playing a monk long, so i could probably do better, but its hard to know how much better i can be.
140K+ Easy...
depending on the fight, you should get 80-100k dps, with more normal gear and/or RoRo it shoots up
ok, that sounds about what ive been doing, 100k on lei shen and twins last night, and i did 145k on jin, so i guess im doing fairly well. thanks!
06/20/2013 07:49 AMPosted by Gutsu
140K+ Easy...

Whatever you're smokin', pass it over.

No, she's looking at about 100k average, good 140 burst only on certain fights, like Jin'Roh.
I pulled 143k on JR with this gear minus the gloves.
I pull 120k average on most fights atm with 491 ilvl. Depending on the fight it can fluctuate though.

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