Chi Orb Glitch

So I've had this problem as long as I've been playing my Monk and I tried google searching and I can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem. When I see chi orbs on the ground and try to run over them to pick them up it doesn't seem to do anything at all. Doesn't matter if I'm at 0 chi or at 4, it just won't pick them up. It's as if they're already used or something and the graphic glitch is still there. Furthermore, now that I'm not even using the Chi Orb talent (Switched to Ascension) I'm still seeing the orbs on the ground and can't pick them up. This happens when I"m soloing as well as with groups, so I know it's not someone else's orbs I'm seeing. Any suggestions or does anyone else have this problem?

And just to make sure I"m not completely stupid and that they ARE chi orbs I'm seeing they're small, green orbs, they look like our healing orbs but much smaller.
they are gift of the ox orbs, they only spawn when you brm. so they are healing orbs and you cant pick them up if your full health
Thanks, after I did some more research and reading I figured out that they are GoTO orbs. Thanks a lot for the help guys

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