MW Overhealing question

So i am having no problems healing tot, and most fights we 2 heal. I was just wondering how is everyone's over healing, i find my over healing is 2 -3 x more then a disc priest, and at like 40%+. I know its not an issue if i am not running out of mana and people are not dieing, i just wonder where everyone else is.
I wish my over healing was that low.
Mine generally runs in the 45-55% but we generally don't have a disc or h pally so I tend to be the snipe-r instead of the snipe-e.
Wouldn't know, I never look because I think its irrelevant.
Your overhealing is always going to be higher than a disc priest due to our healing styles:

Atonement heals will always snipe your heals first due to it healing the lowest party member.
And absorbs always take priority over heals.

The only way to reduce your over healing is to stay in melee range at all times to autoattack the boss and fistweave during low damage periods
50-85% most of the time, we have a holy pally that's extremely effective at EF blanketing and a disc priest or two, so until there's a lot of damage going out on the entire raid for a decent amount of time my stuff just mostly overheals

heroic tortos is the exception of course because logs/meters don't count overheals on capped shells
hots and aoe heals will do a lot of overhealing there is no reason to try reducing it

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