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I am returning from a hiatus after burning out during early endgame cata content. I'm looking to reignite that old spark. My character transfer is currently pending, I'm throwing out some feelers in the meantime.

What am I looking for?
People with a good sense of humor
Good organization
Strict scheduled raiding times
Primarily PVE orientated

Why do you want me?
I don't want to toot my own horn to much but I'm pretty good.
My raiding progression is, at least, average.
I have been a successful raid leader. XP: WotLK guild 10 mans (and additional achievement runs) WotLK guild/pug 25 mans (with some additional raid achievement earned).
I'm a dedicated player.
I come repaired and prepared :)
I understand the mechanics of fights before hand I can move out of stuff (fire, aoe damage, charges etc.).
I've being playing primarily as a resto druid since Vanilla - I am very familiar with my class mechanics.
Vent, mumble, teamspeak (what ever you use I can figure out).
I love collecting mounts and companion pets - I can summon those cuties all night long.
I can tell pretty good jokes
My mom says that I'm pretty
21/F/Canada PST

Contact me here if you're interested, thanks in advanced!

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