[A] Revolutions LF late-night ranged DPS

Revolutions is looking for a ranged DPS (prefer warlock or ele shaman) for our core 10-man group. We are a late-night group with raid times from 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. We are currently 8/12 in ToT.

We are a guild of mature players who enjoy playing the game, having fun, and killing raid bosses. We realize that playing WoW is a hobby that many of us have limited time to enjoy. For that reason, we raid on a 2-night schedule (6 hours per week), and we take our raid time seriously.

We like to maintain a friendly, no-drama atmosphere. All guild members are treated with respect and are expected to treat each other likewise.

For more info, please contact me (Trinarra) in game.
bump . . . still looking for a ranged DPS (any except hunter or mage)
509 Ele Shaman here. I would be interested in joining.

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