527 Spriest LF late night raiding guild

Found a raid thank you all for your interest :)
I'm going to assume by US Server, you mean Server Time (PST)?
Guild: <Late Crew>
Faction: Alliance
Server/timezone: US-Cenarius (PvE), Pacific Time (PST)
Raid hours: Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:30pm-2am PST
Type: 25 man raiding
Progression: wowprogress.com/guild/us/cenarius/Late+Crew/rating.tier15_25

Late Crew is an all-hours, active community (realm first guild level 25 + Working as a Team) that absolutely loves to raid.

LC is seeking great, fun players who are looking to raid after 10:30pm PST in a late night environment and join us in our primary focus of succeeding in MoP.

Needs (please have a minimum ilvl of 510):
1 Healer - Mistweaver Monk, Resto Shaman or Holy Priest
1 Ranged DPS - Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, Moonkin or Warlock

Will always consider amazingly progressed/geared players whose availability is compatible with our raid times. Get in touch with us!

Additionally, we have over 1,300 guild RBG runs under our belt and any interest in joining our Sunday night RBG team or Saturday night Challenge Mode runs are a huge plus, but not necessary.

Visit us at Latecrew.net to leave an application. You may also contact our GM, Damacles (SpecX#1838) or myself (Iso#1912) in-game with any questions.

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