"Exorcism" & "Judgement" animation Revamp

The ability "Exorcism" has been in the game for quite some time now. Its animation and sound effect has remained unchanged for the past years. That thundering sound effect when it hits the target and nothing but a little bit of golden light on the target. Exorcism is not 100% considered a melee ability as it can be used from afar. Thus this important ability deserves a nicer animation to look at.

To make paladins a little more fun, or just the Retribution spec in general, perhaps blizzard could work on giving "Exorcism" a nicer looking animation for us to look at and enjoy.
They've made several changes to animations over the past years. Even crusader strike has a changed over the years. Examples of spells having their animations revamped over the years are abilities such as shaman heals, shadowbolt, frostbolt, chaosbolt, lightning bolt, even Bubble.

The Holy spec ability "Denounce" even has an animation and it's far better looking then exorcism. And denounce is suppose to be the MoP version of what used to be exorcism(1.5 sec cast).

Perhaps it is time for us Paladin's to shine and give us a nicer visual to look at. Maybe even Judgement could be revamped. It's golden hammer flying down from the sky has been the same since launch, and i understand the glyph makes it so swords and axes fly from the sky, but Perhaps this ability could be worked on to look more spectacular in general to make things look more exciting.

Anyway this is just some general feedback to work on to perhaps make the paladin gameplay shine a little more. I doubt this can be worked on in release for patch 5.4, but maybe in a future patch.

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