Celestial Blessing

Hi all,

I'm a ilevel 517 tank and ilevel 500 healer and am having a hard time with the celestial blessing trials.

Is my gear level too low? Any pointers? Anyone done celestial blessing yet as a druid tank or a healer? If so what ilevel did you do it at and any tips?

Thank you,
Hi Windfoot,

I did this just this past Wednesday as Resto with an item level of 510 and I'm certain it can be done with less.

My "advice" on doing this as a healer is fairly straight forward.

/focus Wrathion so you can watch your HoT's on him while be is "tanking"

Keep a reasonable distance from Deathwing. Enough so that when he turns to you you've got a "head start" to kite (straife so he doesn't daze you) him, but near enough to be able to escape his cone AoE should be cast it.

The spawned adds can be hurricaned down realatively easily (I'd pop Barkskin or Ironbark and a Rejuv on myself before hurricane) just be sure not to try this while Deathwing's rain of fire is occurring.

When Deathwing's attention is on you kite him. I found the outside edge of the green area of the floor was a good path.

When Deathwing disappears and Elementals begin to cast bolts on Wrathion swap your HoT's to yourself and don't hesitate to run to the bolts to take the damage (they don't hit very hard) so they don't nuke Wrathion.

Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I'd toss up a moonfire here and there or HotW and wrath spam to speed up the process once you're comfortable with the order of the mechanics. But be aware Deathwing will switch to you easily so this needs to be done with care.
Thank you for the advice!
Another tip is you can use mushrooms to block the missiles, so put one north east south, then stand west, and you dont have to run around crazy
I just completed this and can share my experience. I tried Xuen (melee dps) challenge first as feral is my main. That experience was excruciating, did it about 10 times and got to 40% at best, with food / flask etc.

I decided to give Niuzao (tank) challenge a go instead as Guardian is my secondary. I just switched specs and kept all my feral gear on. First and second attempts 50% and 30% just getting use to the mechanics, third attempt successful. The Niuzao encounter is a laugh and a half.

What makes the melee dps encounter worse is you take durability from dying. In the tank encounter, Wrathion usually gets his HP down to 1 and calls the fight quits / and resets, little repairs on your end.

Please note regardless of whichever Celestial you choose to challenge, when you successfully complete the encounter, you get to choose 1 of all the cloaks. The challenge has no bearing on the cloak you get to choose.
I completed it yesterday as feral with ilvl 529 before cloak. Took me about 5 tries to beat it. The adds kept killing me so on the last try I switched to HotW (I normally run DoC), popped it and went bear for the first add phase. Once they were down I got back in cat and just focused Wrathion, trying to stay behind him for maximum damage, ignoring adds, staying out of stuff on the ground and popping PS/HT and NS/HT on cd. Used an alchemist potion close to the end when everything else was on cd and needed a bit more health to finish him off.
Did it as tank in two tries, just abuse of FR.
I'm trying the tanking one now, and it's been kicking my but all day today--I must have done it a dozen times already. What Mushrooms are you talking about? Black Prince dies to fast. I'm about to throw my computer out of the window!
The tank one was very, very easy. Just use cool downs when you have to shield him with your body and keep yourself healed. Get out of bad stuff and taunt Deathwing as soon as he starts fixating. One shot it with Wrathion at ~90% health lol.
06/25/2013 07:21 PMPosted by Iams
I tried Xuen (melee dps) challenge first as feral is my main. That experience was excruciating, did it about 10 times and got to 40% at best, with food / flask etc.

I 1shot him >.>

It was plain sailing till he was on about 25% (dodge cone, interrupt fire-summon, swipe adds), but then he did a lot of abilities in a row and I nearly died. I was a bit slow on swiping the mirror images, but I did that, ran away, healed up a bit and then finished him off with a burst.

I found out afterwards he's stunnable too - stun + a couple of HT's during that phase would have been really useful.
i just did this on my paladin he is 523 lfr and world boss's geared ret spec, 518 tank spec, i tried many many times on the melee challenge to fail at 10pct so i went to tank challenge and failed many many times, than i read a post that said to do the tank challenge in my melee gear, so thats what i did with sword and shield, just went all out dps on the tank challenge , interupting and stuning as much as possible and doing the most dps i could do , and beat it with out him going to the missle phase, also got shado pan daily quest and got the helper to help out , hope this helps anyone
Took me about 15 times on my then 526 rogue. About 25 times on ele shaman at 522. Just finished it on my 515 feral druid on the 4th attempt. I just swiped/thrashed the adds on the first set and popped a bark skin and survival instincts along with beserker and life spirit (herb). On the second set of adds I would run around (CDs all recharging) thrashing and swiping while healing on the run as needed. There were still some elementals up when he spawned the images so I popped Tiger's fury and bark skin swiping them all. He spawned a 3rd set of elementals at the end which I just typhooned when he was 5%. Popped renewal and tada. By far the easiest class I've done this on because cats are so versatile and quick.

Sadly, I'm still wiping on 30+ attempts on my arms 519 warrior. The warrior encounter is pretty heinous. I got him to 3% on the 4th attempt I think and it's gotten worse ever since :(
Hi Windfoot, I just did the healing one as 517 (mostly normal with a fair amount of LFR gear). I used flask/food but no blessing coin.

Something I've read (after I finished) but haven't tried is hibernating Deathwing, since he's a dragonkin. Though honestly, I don't know that it was necessary. Once I realized that I would have to kill the slimes on my own and changed spec to accomodate for that, it really wasn't too hard. I think the anvil scenario frustrated me much more as I had to go balance in order to complete it and I suck at balance :P

From everything I've read the tank/healer ones are considerably easier than the melee so I'm sure you will get it if you keep practicing :)
I have done this quest on my hunter and it is bugged. The crumbling arch that is the ground AOE the Black Prince puts out as a dust animation on the floor will hit you even if you are 10-15 yards away from it on the opposite side of the animation. I have been up on the balcony completely away from the Black Prince who is in the initial room 80 yards away and still get hit by it. I would easily do this quest if it was not for that stupidity. To avoid the arch, all you have to do is wait for him to charge you and drop it on the floor, run through him and light his back up. It is easy to deal with but, thanks to this bug it makes you want to break your computer. The steps on the floor also need to be fixed because they will stop you dead in your tracks in certain areas. I wish Blizzard would release content that has been thoroughly tested. Instead they make people rage by releasing content that is glitched.
It bugged out for me. He was on low health and then just disappeared! WTF! I figured reset and I'll just start over- but it's not even available for me to start the encounter! So, frustrating. I finally got my strat and then it bugged!! Opened a ticket to a GM- so now I'm waiting for their reply.
On my resto it was pretty easy straight forward heals just watch for buff tell u how much damage u can cause Deathwing with 1 hit. when it get high hit him 1 time then go back to healing wait for it to get high again and hit him again then it should be over . Really easy. took a long time to do once I noticed the buff I did it in a very fast time and no damage to me .
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