[A] Soul Society; ToT Group 3 LFM [9pm-11pm]

Hello, We are pretty new to the server and to the guild Soul Society. We are attempting to create a 3rd Throne of Thunder 10man Raiding Team. We wish to raid Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm - 11pm PST(Server) time. We may continue longer if the group wishes to continue the progression. The group of people we currently have put together are layed back people that like to have fun, but like to kill things first. Our loot system is just MS>OS. Patterns go to those whom win them that proves that they have capped profession.

We currently have

1 Tank -
Yuriell (Prot Paladin)

2 Healers -
Phaidrå (Resto Shaman)
Pøckethealer (Disc Priest)

1 DPS -

The majority of us have seen the first 2 bosses in regular mode. Cantrell has gone way further and we are glad to have her on our team. We do need more to fill our ranks. Feel free to in game message me on this name or post to this message.

We hope to see you all soon.
If you are still seeking another healer, I would be interested in talking with you.
Centrell? She? Its like high school all over again.
haha, super sorry Cantrell >.<
bippety bump! Still need some DPS and a Tank.
Still hoping to grab some more people!
Need :
1 Tank

Please have an ilvl of 500. Thanks =)
still fishing for some bites!

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