WW Monk PvP Guide (2300 exp monk)

I just wanted to refer any WW monks to this guide considering there are few, if any, in depth WW PvP guides out there.


Here's a small excerpt from this guide just for insight's sake:

Provoke - This is one of my favorite abilities. Most people see the taunt and think, "Oh it's just PvE." They couldn't be more wrong. Whenever I see a grounding totem down, I taunt. It is off the GCD, has no cost, and destroys it. It also keeps rogues in combat going for stealths or healers going for drinks. It also gets spell reflects and my favorite use for it is to taunt pets. Those pesky hunter pets see me taunt them and yolo after me behind a pillar where I then fists of fury it to death. I bolded this because it is the most underused ability by monks.
you can use provoke to control who Xuen attacks as well
So found out today that if you paralysis a lock with blood fear it counts as hitting the lock and you're horrified. I'm probably slow, but I'm a bit miffed about it.

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