Looking for Arena Teammates

Hi there,

I will be following my Guild to Saurfang soon and when i arrive I would like to get a arena team going.
I'm a Semi-Skilled Under average pvper showcasing such amazingly average achievements as Hot Streak & Vengefully Dedicated.

Never been able to develop potential as a slightly over average pvper due to always playing with casual team mates.

Would be looking to play as one of the following: Rogue, Warrior, Paladin or Shaman (most have to build PvP gear). My paladin is the toon I will be transfuring for Guild reasons but I'll also bring one other toon accross.

Looking for people who are fun, patient, willing to teach or capable of learning / developing with me.

I live in Australia, so looking a AEST time zone.

Talk to us via real ID Disconcur#1440 or Reply to post.
Hello! I just came back last week after a few months break. I'm always looking for people to arena with. I have a rogue main and a WW monk, also gearing a warrior. I will add you via Real id when i get home from work.

ttyl~!~ <3
that awkward moment that you notice the post is almost 4 months old!~ ^_^

Well anyone wanna pee vee pee let me know! :)

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