If it has haste or is just a plain upgrade from weapon damage, then yes.
If you check my armory, you'll see what dropped for me this week: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/95498

It's going to force me to re-run Hellfire, though, because it looks like a boat paddle on my back. I previously had the 522 sword from council, and Bo-Ris was a "sidegrade" for me because of better stats and gemming options. But I definitely feel like I've stolen a Mogu's weapon, because it looks totally out of scale for my body.

In general, yes, I love polearms. It's something different.
I like poles.
I could finally use my http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/19874 which does not drop anymore.

Not anymore, you can get it off IoT/ToT mobs/trash in a form of a green (Ritual Headcleaver Halberd), seen it dropped a couple of times on LFR but never won a roll.
For awhile there in Wrath, some of the Best in slot weapons were polearms for ret.
Charge of the Ranger General off 25H LK comes to mind (disregarding shadowmourn of course).

I would love to use polearms or mog them again whenever I feel like it.
I have no problem with Polearms, nice brake from using two handed maces/axes and swords. I love my Black Ice.
I have to agree with Keten. :) But do still love the one I have.
Nice black ice.
TLDR Version

Titan’s Grip now works with polearms.

This change, this one right here opened the door. This is coming in 5.4.

Interesting. What else interests me is how itemization in this game is an unfinished project 5 expansions in to the game.
You have my support for cross-transmogrification. Hurts nobody, a boon to those who love polearms and to those who hate them.

In other words: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
I like polearms as well, they are much more suited for a Paladin than an Axe, and there are WAY WAY too many strength axes in this game, for the last 2 expansions it seems that axes have been flooding azeroth; I hate axes.

My first blue was Grim Reaper that replaced my Verigan's Fist. I kept that polearm for a long time
I still wish I didn't vendor my Ranseur

No, no, no.

I must have my 1% expertise from Swords and Maces :D
But on the other hand I would like it if we can transmog Swords, Maces or Axes to Polearms :3


No, no, Yes
On that line of thought, I've always felt that polearms fit the image of draenei and blood elf paladins far more than human, dwarven, or tauren varieties. I'd definitely use a polearm if it had appropriate stats.

Here's to the hope that, one day, the Heroic Scenario bag will net me a strength polearm with haste and mastery.

I too have felt that Blood Elf Pallys kind of just look right with polearms, and I'd like to be able to mog my weapons into them.

I was always a fan of polearms - even made a polearm barb during d2 regardless of the fact that maces and swords out there were better. I just like a polearm.
Polearms are cool, I would like to have one... Although I will probably just stick to my katana transmogs... We need more katanas!!
Bring on the healer polearms, I'll happily try 'em out.

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