Fury Warrior - Celestial Blessings melee

Just a little bit ago I managed to complete the Melee Challenge during the Celestial Blessings quest Wrathion gives you after turning in your 12 Titan Runestones, and I thought I'd share how I managed to complete this since many people (myself included) seem to be having monumental difficulty downing him. It took me 2 dozen + tries, but it IS doable.

Firstly, blow your CDs at the beginning and take a good chunk out of his health. On his Crumbling Arc attack you MUST be behind him as it appears this attack is still bugged and hits in a MUCH greater range than 180 degrees in front of him. It can be interrupted with a charge or fear (Intimidating Shout). When he summons the god-forsaken blobs (Neltharion's Tears) throw down Piercing Howl, use Intimidating Shout, and keep on Wrathion. I did not worry about KILLING the adds, I merely kept my distance from them with Piercing Howl. When the blobs got close I reapplied Piercing Howl and ran to the other side of the room. Wrathion will run over to you, and the tears will take some time to catch up, giving you some precious time to beat on him. Pummel or Charge away his ground AoE (I'm a big fan of the Rude Interruption Glyph, which gives you +6% damage for 20 seconds after a successful interruption). The key is to be behind or WAY FAR out away from that arc, which will likely bug and hit you from the side even if you THINK you're well away from it. Save your heroic leap and some rage for Whirlwinds for when he does his multiple copy attack. Don't forget you have Die by the Sword as added insurance against the adds, but really just keep Piercing Howl up and try to stay on the opposite side of the room from them. WHEN you manage to get him below 20% health and on the other side of the room from the adds blow any CDs you have and start executing him.

Talents: Double Time, Second Wind (imperative, at least for me anyway), Piercing Howl (a MUST have to keep away from the adds), Dragon Roar (it'll knock back the adds for a sec, 1 min CD, hits Wrathion pretty good if you manage to get behind him), Bloodbath.

Have some health pots on you, don't forget to get your Celestial Offering from the August Celestial rep, and flasking up isn't a bad idea (I did). Don't forget you can run out of the room to reset everything if the fight is going poorly. I hope all of this helps, keep fighting!
@ Heimdall: Thank you so much.
Tips rly helped me as arms.
@ Amarispera: Happy to have been of assistance! I hope you enjoy your awesome cloak!
i am going to try your way this is impossible.
got pretty far.

and it's done. i give 1k internet cookies finished it.

when the blobs came out i feared and piercing them led wrathion away from them and knocked some sense into him at every corner. blobs come back i piercing again then repeat, time to pick up the cloak gotta visit more celestials
And here I thought the legendary quest this xpac was for scrubs who wouldn't be able to get a legenary under normal circumstances...

25+ tries last night with your suggestions. I don't think I'm gonna get the cloak this patch... D:
And here I thought the legendary quest this xpac was for scrubs who wouldn't be able to get a legenary under normal circumstances...

25+ tries last night with your suggestions. I don't think I'm gonna get the cloak this patch... D:

keep trying, you can do it. i am pretty sure they will likely nerf that encounter later on hopefully in 5.4 but i am not holding my breath. you just want wrathion away from the blobs and have victory rush enabled it helps against his mirror image just use thunder clap or whirlwind.

casters are having trouble too with the range challenge, if still stuck come back later you can easily burn yourself out on it.
Very kind words. Thanks for the encouragement! About to get back at it.
so you can't use pummel to interrupt his crumbling arc attack?
so you can't use pummel to interrupt his crumbling arc attack?

you can pummel his dragon circle attack but not his arc. to stop that you can either stun, charge anything to make him lose his cast.

i use shockwave personally.
Found this quest exceedingly frustrating on my fury warrior, but finally got it done by reading some helpful posts, such as the lead in this thread, and adding a few tweaks. A few obvious notes, and some on my character:

*It goes without saying that better gear helps, but I completed it with i510 so it is doable at that gear level. I've read a thread of a warrior who claims to've done it at ilvl504.

*My warrior is my third toon (my primary/secondary being hunter & shaman). I.e., you needn't be completely expert / godlike, or have your warrior experience go back to BC and earlier, to succeed in the quest.

*You canNOT expect to smash your way through with sheer dps throughput, even if you flask, even if you pot. Not at my ilvl anyway. You will have to use and be familiar with some of the tools in the toolkit.

If you've tried & failed you've probably had experiences similar to mine: you can avoid his crumbling arc and get behind him easily enough, and even interrupt his casts well enough. You probably were able to plow down his first set of adds. The problems probably set in when you were trying to deal with mirror images while a second set of adds came up.

Almost every warrior has advocated the use of piercing howl, which I supposed I did use, but I don't know that it was the most instrumental thing in my finally getting him down, after 20-25 attempts. The key, to me, was realizing that because there is no enrage timer, there was little to no incentive to use abilities with low damage-per-rage return on Wrathion (such as Heroic Strike).

Bring health pots. You will use them.
Do spec for Die By the Sword. It will save you.
Do spec for Impending Victory and use on cd when you're not at max health.
Hell, even use bandages when you can leap away if other things are on cd.

In a nutshell, remember: it's a moderate marathon, not a race. Try the following:

Dps Wrathion as per normal. When first blobs come out, use DbTS and WW (to appropriate number of stacks) and Raging Blow to take advantage of meat cleaver. If they aren't dead by the time DbTS wears off, use fear (stay on wrathion, avoiding his arc). They will be near dead when they get back to you, so a few WW and RB and perhaps a judicious use of a health pot or impending victory will get you where you need to be. At this point, you should NOT have used your big dps cds yet or a big aoe cd yet.

Remember, keep your rage levels high. The second set will come out. At this point, you can pop a dps macro and blade storm them down. Always stay on Wrathion and continue to do the things you're supposed to be doing (getting behind his arc, interrupting casts).

In essence, the key was finding a way to stay alive and burn down TWO sets of blobs. If you're not blowing through your rage by wasting it on heroic strike, you should be pooling it so that when he does his waves of mirror images, you can WW them down. Keep on the move, running through the adds, and WW.

I honestly had almost given up before I realized that I HAD to find a way to down two waves of blobs, or they would just eat me alive. Not to mention that time spent fleeing blobs is time NOT on Wrathion, and more free casts for him. Stay on Wrathion, using DbTS, WW, Fear, DPS cds for his two waves. Use impending victory. Be stingy with rage. If no blobs are up by the time he does mirror images, and you can be at full or near full rage, you're in much better shape. I executed him down with a third set ready to spawn, but by that time fear is up again, and most other cds are up again.

You can do it!

Obvious post-script: I am at best an average fury warrior. As mentioned above he's neither my main nor even my secondary toon, and an armory check (Deebö on Farstriders will show that my current tier raid experience is very limited). In other words, if I can do it.....you can do it!
Guess we all can't have legendaries. 40+ attempts. I've stunned, slowed and killed the adds. Oh well.
I can barely get him to half health. I don't understand how to hit him from behind because he spins to face me when I attack him? Is he supposed to spin around to face you? Also when he starts summoning the mirror images he keeps doing that over and over, meanwhile the adds are %!@*%!%!*% me. Not sure if I am just horrible or what but I am at 521 item level and not even close to doing this.
I'm also 521 and can't seem to get this either.

The individual mechanics are pretty simple - avoid, interrupt, damage. But put all together, it's too much, there's too much damage, not enough healing possible.

Best I've ever done is gotten down to 49 percent.

The adds are what I think make it impossible.

I haven't even gotten past a mirror phase. I 've seen it start a few times, but haven't been able to survive long enough to do anything in it.

And I don't know what Xuen is talking about when he says something about the elements won't die and to make use of your time.
What makes this even worse is I keep thinking I should be able to do this, so I go back and try - several times - get incredibly frustrated and give up.

Then later, after thinking about it or reading more tips, go back again. And try again - several times - and fail.

I don't play this game to get frustrated.

I've been trying to kill the adds, after avoiding them didn't seem to work. Maybe I'll try that next time.

... next time... see what I mean? I read something and even now want to jump back in after who knows how many failed tries... save it for tomorrow...

Thanks everyone for the additional information and strategies. With the adds it really comes down to personal preference as to if you want to kill them or just ignore them as I did.

@Brakk: He is constantly spinning and facing random directions, so the odds that he will move and be facing you somewhat is high. The solution is to constantly keep running through behind him, especially during his channeled attacks, he won't be changing direction during the cast. On the mirrored images, one of them will be slightly less transparent than the others, and it's USUALLY in one of the stronger concentrations of them, so save your heroic leap and rage for whirlwinds and hit the biggest concentrations of images, unless you SEE the one that's more opaque.

@Brakk and @ Altimax regarding the adds: Piercing Howl has a VERY generous range, you should be able to hit the adds with it at will WELL before they get to you. If you even THINK they're getting too close at any point do another Piercing Howl (its VERY cheap (about 10 rage) and has no cooldown) and run to the other side of the room. Wrathion will train over to you, leaving the adds CRAWLING across the room. Also that crumbling arc hit me SO MANY times when I was well away from it, the only guaranteed way of NOT getting hit by it was either A) Being WAAAAY out in front of it, like you're heading to the other side of the room or B) Be as directly behind him as possible. If you KNOW you're going to probably get hit by the arc, charge him (this is why I had Double Time), it WILL interrupt him (any fear or stuns WILL work on him and the adds).

@Altimax: I noticed you're WAY over what you need for hit, and you have a hit enchant on your boots. I would suggest the Pandaren's Step enchant for increased movement speed, plus the Mastery would be better for you at this point than any more hit.

Edit, @Altimax: I also had Second Wind instead of Impending Victory just for this fight, I found it to be a little more reliable than Impending Victory in keeping me alive as it didn't require me to hit someone/thing that was trying to kill me to work. I would also get rid of your Glyph of Intimidation Shout as you WANT the adds in this case to run away from you.

Keep fighting guys, I know you got this! Now if you'll excuse me, I have 1k internet cookies to drizzle in milk / chocolate, then devour/rub all over my face :D
Thanks for taking the time to look at my toon and give some specific advice. I'll certainly give it a try.

Just gave it a few more goes. Still no better luck or outcome.

Avoiding the arcs isn't the problem, it's the adds.

Trying to avoid or trying to kill the adds, neither seems to work. Avoiding leaves me always on the look out for them, and losing dps time on Wrathion.

Impending victory vs second wind seems to make no difference. Too much damage too quickly for second wind to be of any benefit, and I'm not seeing impending victory available since I have to kill something to trigger it.

I'm about ready to forget all about this.

This quest is a sick, cruel, twisted joke.
Lowest I've seen him is 38 percent.

EDIT: Make that 33 percent. And I think I had him into the 20s....

Now it's the second set of blobs that are killing me. EDIT: Definitely them. I can't avoid them enough, I can't get away, they're too fast. If I'm running from them, I can't attack Wrathion.

I've decided to kill the first set. I can down them OK. But that second set - is it right they can't be killed? Trying to stay away from them just doesn't work.

I've also survived a couple sets of mirror images. But I see others saying they down him just as that starts. I guess that means I'm not getting enough damage done on Wrathion. Not sure how I can do more.

The only real time I get behind him is when he casts his arc. Every other time, he always spins around to face me, I can't stay behind him.

All of Xuen's so-called advice seems useless.
idk, that strategy was spot on. you need to leave the blobs up use piercing howl, shockwave or fear drag wrathion away and constantly move when the slimes get close.

killing the slimes is the hard way i tried many times i die.

keep one eye out for slimes, one for wrathions baseball swing, thunder clap or whirlwind on wrathions mirror images then use victory rush to survive his blast.
Thanks for your feedback, Gistene. I guess you have a warrior?

I tried leaving the slimes up. Never got as far as I did with killing them - at least the first set.

If the first set is left up, he doesn't summon anymore?

They get crazy fast, and hit so hard.

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