Qiraji Guardling spawn rates are just wrong

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I must say that I am quite disappointed at how Blizzard has chosen to implement the Qiraji Guardling spawnings.

You have made us wait almost a full year just to be able to get the chance to catch it, and then slap on a ridiculously long respawn timer and only 10 or so pets when they do spawn. When you factor in this CRZ that you have forced upon us all, you end up with what honestly feels like a big middle finger to the playerbase that enjoys collecting and capturing pets.

Having a seasonal pet? No problem.
Having a pet with few spawns and a long respawn timer? No problem.

Having BOTH of these in addition to placing them in a zone that forces server merges in the process? A big problem.

Strictly imo, this was a really poor decision on Blizzard's part and is a slap in the face to all of us that have been waiting since launch for this pet to finally spawn. I have toons across multiple servers and continents and it's all this bad. Pitiful.
I spent about an hour in Silithus this morning and didn't see not one. I think it's a myth.
I got mine after being there for 15 mins.
That which is easy to acquire, nobody cares to get.

That which is hard to acquire, people complain about.
I got a green H/S pet after about an hour dealing with 20 players from 20 different servers.
As this issue is already being discussed in the thread pointed out by Crepe, this thread has been locked.

Feel free to continue the discussion constructively in that forum, folks.

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