LF pvp guild

Bleeding Hollow
lf pvp guild that can put up with me ^.^

iwc declined me, along with other active pvp guilds on horde side... going alliance is an option now

pst in game or comment if interested
omg is u new to svr too?
Maybe you can your own guild =P?
I think you'll find a nice home in <fights like a gurl>, Kayla!
Go Alliance....
Teehee ^___^
Wow why did that post get deleted it wasnt even mean jesus christ.....

Gamer girl GM only real requirement is for you to..stay in line if you catch my drift...when the stars align this guild is unstoppable 1wk outa every month"

added a little bit seems pretty tame though enjoy the lulz while it lasts Biohazard inc
If you roll Alliance let me know if you would be down for some 3's. I've always had this obsession with ret paladins.
Alliance wants to ride the ^.^
When IWC doesn't want you....... thats a bad sign.
When IWC doesn't want you....... thats a bad sign.

Only when you actually want to be in IWC
its a bad sign when u want in IWC
Raikino your horns are to small..buff horns

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