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Hey guys! I'm just getting back into my holy paladin and i take eternal flame as a talent. I was wondering in 5.4, if the 30% nerf on the initial heal when the ability is casted would be detrimental enough for me to drop the talent. I would appreciate some feedback on what you guys take in the third row as of now and what you plan to take coming 5.4, Thanks!
I'm hearing that the most popular choices in the third row come 5.4 are:

1) Ret
2) Disc
3) Druid
They haven't told us what they were going to buff to make our healing stay the same yet so it is very hard to know if WoG will be strong enough to make us drop EF.

Current PTR build is still very early and we will see many changes in the next couple weeks/months to holy paladin.

ATM thereis no reason to drop EF for SS or SH. (Even if the hot doesn't proc mastery)
for me i gotta say that I'm really sad to hear about it..

in addition for being our only DoT, they're nerfing the initial healing..

I do have high hopes though about what they're trying to do.. and i hope that the new sacred shield talent can be actually a good replacement. Because selfless healer is just.. No. Not for a holy.
Last I read, the initial heal is not being nerfed for EF. However, the HoT will not work with mastery. Instead, they're looking at making the other two choices better.
Im new to holy pally....on ptr it also says that the 2 HoT lvl 90 talents won't proc our mastery either. Doesn't say anything about our hard cast HoT or the holy shock HoT that it procs..hope those still work with the mastery.
There's a blue post plastered at the top of the forums page that explains all of this (or was as of this writing).

The short of it:

1. EF initial heal is being reverted back to full strength, the HoT will not apply IH anymore.

2. Hammer and Execution are meant to apply IH still, them not is a mistake and has been acknowledged.

3. They may be planning some sort of compensation once they start getting numbers from 5.4 PTR raid testing
Is it just me, or should the nerf to holy's mastery be lifed or be less harsh since we will no longer have hots proccing it?

Lets be honest, when holy pally mastery wasn't nerfed, we were pretty powerful as far as survivability is concerned for pvp. And for pve in raids 2 holy pallys using light of dawn holy radiance and eternal flame was beyond amazing. Yes they did not top charts then and don't now. However the shield with a 35%-40% mastery made healing hard fights or even bad pugs bareable for the priest, druid, etc.

The only reasons I can see why they are doing this which has been stated is no one uses anything else in the tier with EF and the attempt to balance it out in pvp. Even with the low mastery I can get the shield up pretty high with holy shock crits and EF not to mention with Divine Favor. But this is only for pvp as for pve the amount of damage that people are taking whether its thr tank or the whole raid, holy just doesn't have the power to put out those amazing heals like discs and monks, even druid to a certain extent(at least back in wotlk).

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