T16 WW set update

Monk T16 Windwalker 2P Bonus Combo Breaker:increases the damage of Tiger Palm by 5%. Combo Breaker: Blackout Kick increases the damage of Blackout Kick by 5%.

A step in the right direction, but 5%? Really? That equates to a 0.75% dps increase on those spells overall, and about a 0.25% dps increase overall. Perhaps something more like 50% instead of 5%. A 2.5% dps increase is more along the lines of a set bonus boost. Someone enlighten me if there is some way this is actually good please.
5% does seem really low. 25%-50% sounds about right. Perhaps 10-20% if they just make it all Palms and Kicks.
Well tiger eye increases are damage, and so does RSK? So 5% is justified in my opinion

If that were the case (Which I'm not entirely sure if it is) then it's still only like 9%.
Oh Gerts, you sho sirry.

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