Rogue to monk

I'm looking to switching from rogue to monk atm since rogue is starting to feel stale. Is monk able to do as much damage as rogue later on in pve and how are they in pvp compared to rogue?
I was in the exact same situation as you, switching from a Rogue main to a Monk, and here's how I feel:

For PvE, you are able to match the DPS of a Rogue, however you won't be able to do so until later gear levels and once you have Rune of Reorigination. At 502 ilvl, Rogue will pull more, but neat 520 you both start to even out. The rotation is more complicated however, more akin to a Ret Paladin or Enhancement Shaman's rotation but not as complicated as, say, an Unholy DK.

For PvP, Monk plays much more like an extremely mobile DK than a Rogue. You have about half as much control as you do on a Rogue but between Fists of Fury, Leg Sweep/Ring of Peace, Paralysis and Grapple Weapon, you can still pretty easily take control of a fight. Instead of evaporating as soon as someone catches you in a stun or fear and your trinket is down, you pretty much tank through the damage as a Monk with excellent self healing and Touch of Karma, which is on a pretty low CD. Fortifying Brew is a pretty amazing CD as well but I don't hit it often, at least not compared to how often I hit Cloak or Evasion on my Rogue.

Once you nail it down, you'll be practically unkillable in 1v1, easily shutting down burst from all classes, including Rogue. (Using Diffuse Magic or Touch of Karma when a Rogue uses Shadow Blades is pretty devastating.) You'll be really strong in 2v2 as well, especially with a Disc or Resto Druid. You won't bring much to the table in 3s or RBGs though, as most people would just rather take a Rogue in those situations.
Very informative. Thanks.
You made the right choice. Monks are way more versatile than Rogues.
The main problem that youll run into when comparing rogue and ww pve dps is that ww are balanced around a proc from RoRo, which can proc when you have 1-2 stacks of Tigereye Brew and just be a dps loss since you lose all haste and crit, and then when you get to 8-9 stacks when it procs, wont proc for another minute sometimes. The only consideration is that when it does treat you well you can look at having upwards of 150% dps increase on about a 40-50% uptime. Sadly its just rng

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