I cant update/install ANYTHING.

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So I quit wow about a year ago at the end of the summer; school reasons. And this summer i'm trying to start playing again. The first thing I do is unlock my account. (Got locked while away due to "Suspicious activity") And then I try to open up the game. Last time I played was cata so the background and everything to the launcher was well... Cataclysm themed. But instead of giving me an option to update all the patches and such it just sits there. The Play button is grayed out nothing is loading in the bar to the left of play. I let it sit there for about half an hour while i went to do some chores. Come back and... Well its still sitting there, Just the way I left it.
Thinking "Hey, this is probably broken" I just try to reinstall it in whole. I start to install it and i leave for about 4 hours. I left when it was at 6% install. I come back and it's still at 6% giving me some ludicrous number "Estimated 3 days" And was keep rising(3 Days 3 hours, 30 mins-3 Days 4 hours) How can I fix the updates/patches OR the install? I prefer to fix the updates if this is an option!
Thanks, -Dylan
Hello Deq,

before even starting giving you any help. I need to know if this problem occurs on a Mac or on a PC.

Best regrads,

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